ID: 47068
Reclaim the Inventory area
Category: Other Quests
Group: Guild Area
Level: 30
Recommended level: 30

End NPC: Old Kingsley
Quests chain: Reclaim: Warehouse
The fog that covered the area for so many years has finally dissipated. Now we can reclaim this barren land!
The huge structure is a elliptical in shape. Half of it is caved in and there seem to be countless storage cupboards lying around - indicating that the place served as a storage and inventory structure in the past. Help Old Kingsley rebuild the Inventory.
Help Old Kingsley and cut down trees for timber to build the Inventory.
Help Mr Wing and gather some timber to build guild structures.

Old Kingsley: Once the fog has been dispelled, the next step is to create the guild. Are you willing to help?

Old Kingsley: What a waste of this fine woods, but it's all for the construction of the guild. Sigh.

Please chop down those trees, building houses requires a large amount of wood.Old Kingsley: Great, now that I have this wood I will plan to start building as soon as possible.

- Civilization Text Page
Base reward:

gp - Guild Fealty x 300
Additional info
Level to accept quest30 ~ 100
Level to complete quest30 ~ 100

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