ID: 47063
Reclaim the Funland area
Category: Other Quests
Group: Guild Area
Level: 30
Recommended level: 30

End NPC: Old Kingsley
Quests chain: Reclaim: Funland
The fog that covered the Casual Zone for so many years has finally dissipated. Now we can reclaim this barren land!
Old Kingsley takes a deep breath, and is lost in thought - as if time travelling a 1000 years in his head. Healthy looking young'uns are playing near the water. This truly is like a kind of paradise for kids. How Old Kingsley return Funland to its former glory.
Help Old Kingsley with land reclamation to rebuild the Funland.
Help Old Kingsley reclaim the land around this structure for Guild construction.
Old Kingsley: Once the fog has been dispelled, the next step is to create the guild. Are you willing to help?

Old Kingsley: This blue sea is unbelievably beautiful. But we have to fill it in to accommodate the new guild buildings.

Old Kingsley: Please help us find some sand so we can fill it in.

Great. Once the sea has been filled in, we can start building the new buildings.

- Civilization Text Page
Base reward:

gp - Guild Fealty x 300
Additional info
Level to accept quest30 ~ 100
Level to complete quest30 ~ 100

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