ID: 47061
Reclaim Tower of Loyalty area
Category: Other Quests
Group: Guild Area
Level: 30
Recommended level: 30

End NPC: Old Kingsley
Quests chain: Reclaim: Tower of Loyalty
The fog that covered the Munitions Zone for so many years has finally dissipated. Now we can reclaim this barren land!
He looks up at the sky. Craning his neck at a 45-degree angle, there seems to be some kind of latent spiritual energy around, where the stars shined more brightly. He surmises that the place must have been a Tower of Loyalty one thousand years ago. Help him return the auguring station to its former glory.
Help Old Kingsley flatten the ground to rebuild the Tower of Loyalty.
Help Old Kingsley flatten the ground around the Barren Land to help enable the Guild construction.
Old Kingsley: Once the fog has been dispelled, the next step is to create the guild. Are you willing to help?

Old Kingsley: Guild construction, insufficient land resource We have to prepare the land for construction.

Old Kingsley: Can you prepare the land for construction.

Fantastic, fantastic. At this rate we'll be able to build the house soon.

- Civilization Text Page
Base reward:

gp - Guild Fealty x 300
Additional info
Level to accept quest30 ~ 100
Level to complete quest30 ~ 100

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