ID: 47049
Explore Casual Zone
Category: Other Quests
Group: Guild Area
Level: 100
Recommended level: 30

Start NPC: Old Kingsley
End NPC: Old Kingsley
Quests chain: Exploration - Casual Zone
There's a thousand things to do at the Guild Base. Be part of our exploration efforts and dispel the fog at the Casual Zone!
The Casual Zone has been enveloped in a thick shroud of fog, making guild construction very difficult indeed. And we're short on help, so we could use some assistance from a strong young person like yourself. You can carry out two rounds of exploration on a single area each day, and each round will boost your exploration points for that area by 40 points."
Help Old Kingsley by going to each area to carry out the geological survey.
Help Old Kingsley by going to the three key geological areas in the Casual Zone so you can carry out a geological survey.

Old Kingsley: There's a thousand things to do at the Guild Base. With your help, we can build it together!

Old Kingsley: The guild has broken ground on a lot of new land, but we don't know if it's suitable for business structures.

Can you help me find out more about that place's Geological Information?Old Kingsley: Great. With this geological survey information we can hurry and build some commerce buildings.

- Civilization Text Page
Base reward:

5825 XP
gp - Guild Fealty x 500
Additional info
Level to accept quest100 ~ 100
Level to complete quest30 ~ 100

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