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ID: 47005
Sidus Ur Commerce Center Task
Category: Other Quests
Group: Imperial City
Level: 50
Recommended level: 50

Start NPC: Tharius Plucker
End NPC: Madrack White
Quests chain: Commerce Center Task Quests
The Ausgyth Commerce Center trusts members at its many branches to carry out tasks. Complete these tasks to get rewards.
Take a ship at Sidus Ur Harbor to get there
Head towards Fort Whetstone to deliver Ration to Madrack White
Head towards Fort Whetstone to deliver Ration to Madrack White
Tharius Plucker: With the Northern Wolves lurking in the wings and supplies fast dwindling in Fort Whetstone, we're currently enlisting for munition convoy.

Tharius Plucker: We have a portal here in the Commerce Center. If you're willing, you can pick up the goods from my brother.

Madrack White: Well, that was quick! Here's your pay.

- Ascension Stone
- Commerce Cash
Base reward:

- 42625
Sidus Ur Favor x 320
Honor of Sidus Ur x 32
Quests chain reward:
- Commerce Center’s Remuneration
Additional info
Level to accept quest50 ~ 100
Level to complete quest30 ~ 100

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