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ID: 47000
Sulan Commerce Center Task
Category: Other Quests
Group: Sulan County
Level: 50
Recommended level: 50

Start NPC: Winton Merle
End NPC: Tharius Plucker
Quests chain: Commerce Center Task Quests
The Ausgyth Commerce Center trusts members at its many branches to carry out tasks. Complete these tasks to get rewards.
Take a boat at Sulan Harbor to go there
Head towards Sidus Ur to deliver Smoked Ribbonfish to Tharius Plucker
Head towards Sidus Ur to deliver Smoked Ribbonfish to Tharius Plucker
Winton Merle: Hey, you look like you need to make a quick buck. C'mere, I got a commission for you.

Player: Let's hear it.

Winton Merle: Deliver crates of seafood to one of the Plucker brothers at the Sidus Ur southeastern pier.

Winton Merle: The boat here hasn't been seen for many moons. If the air ferry comes, take that. Otherwise, take the overland route.

Tharius Plucker: Thank you for delivering the smoked ribbonfish from Sulan. Here's your commission.

- Ascension Stone
- Commerce Cash
Base reward:

- 38362
Sulan Favor x 320
Honor of Sulan x 32
Quests chain reward:
- Commerce Center’s Remuneration
Additional info
Level to accept quest50 ~ 100
Level to complete quest30 ~ 100

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