Country Chicken (5-Star) Reward Chicken Leg (Old) Chicken Egg - Old Mutton (Old) Mutton Chops (Old) Beef (Old) Milk (Old) Oil (Old) Salt (Old) Bean Sauce - Old Vinegar - Old Maple Sugar (Old) Soloist (Foot) Cumin (Old) Mustard (Old) Sesame Oil (Old) Prickly Ash (Old) Chicken Stock (Old) Steel Tyrant Armor Ursid Bladder - Old Turtle Shell (Old) Tomato (Old) Potato - Old Carrot (Old) Star Saint (Hand) Wild Herb - Old Ironrider - Fine Wine (Old) Star Saint (Foot) Stately Elegance (Chest) Hardened Holy Echelon Battle Armor Deep Fried Chicken (1-Star) Reward, Temporary Old Spicy Soup Peach Blossom Petals - Old Punisher Blossom (Chest) Honey (Old) Red Bean - Old Cherry Blossom - Old Pine Seed (Old) Walnut (Old) Old Mushroom and Chicken Bone Soup Basic Turret Material (Old) Intermediate Turret Components Intermediate Turret Material (Old) Advanced Turret Components Advanced Turret Material (Old) Old Sweetfruit Syrup Special Turret Material (Old) Divine Turret Components Divine Turret Material (Old) Basic Demolisher Components Basic Demolisher Material (Old) Poached Chicken (1-Star) Reward, Temporary Intermediate Demolisher Material (Old) Advanced Demolisher Components Advanced Demolisher Material (Old) Special Demolisher Components Special Demolisher Material (Old) Crispy Chicken (2-Star) Reward, Temporary Divine Demolisher Material (Old) Basic Mobile Cannon Components Divine Mobile Cannon Chemistry Materials - Old Intermediate Mobile Cannon Components Intermediate Mobile Cannon Material (Old) Old Spicy Soup Divine Mobile Cannon Chemistry Materials - Old Special Mobile Cannon Components Special Mobile Cannon Materials - Old Divine Mobile Cannon Components Divine Mobile Cannon Chemistry Materials - Old Chicken with Scallions (2-Star) Reward, Temporary Basic Cannon Material (Old) Intermediate Cannon Components Intermediate Cannon Material (Old) Advanced Cannon Components Advanced Cannon Material (Old) Spicy Chicken (2-Star) Reward, Temporary Special Cannon Material (Old) Divine Cannon Components Divine Cannon Material (Old) Basic Gate Materials Basic Gate Material (Old) Lightly Fried Chicken (2-Star) Reward, Temporary Intermediate Gate Material (Old) Advanced Gate Materials Advanced Gate Materials Special Gate Materials Special Gate Materials - Old Fortress Firewater - Fine Wine (Old) Divine Gate Material (Old) Basic Portal Array Building Materials Basic Portal Array Material (Old) Intermediate Portal Building Materials Intermediate Portal Array Material (Old) Thunder Run (Leg) Advanced Portal Array Material (Old) Special Portal Array Building Materials Special Portal Array Materials - Old Divine Portal Array Building Materials Divine Portal Array Material (Old) Old Spicy Bullfrog Fort - Stencil Material - Old Fort - Greatness Mark Building Material Fort - Greatness Mark Stencil Material - Old Fort - Heaven Mark Building Materials Fort - Heroism MarkMaterial - Old Aquavit - Fine Wine (Old) Fort - Five Lords Stencil Material - Old Alkaline Fire Essence Fort - Heroism Mark Material (Old) Bastion - Mark of Might Building Materials Bastion - Stencil Material - Old Black Swallow (Hand) Bastion - Greatness Mark Stencil Material - Old Bastion - Heaven Mark Building Materials Bastion - Heroism MarkMaterial - Old Bastion - Wardens' Mark Building Material Bastion - Five Lords Stencil Material - Old Old Honey Snow Pear Soup Bastion - Heroism Mark Material (Old) Basic Physical Attack Seal Component Basic Physical Defense Seal Component Basic Magic Attack Seal Component Basic Magic Defense Seal Component Basic Crit Seal Parts Advanced Physical Attack Seal Component Advanced Physical Defense Seal Component Advanced Magic Attack Seal Component Advanced Magic Defense Seal Component Advanced Crit Seal Components Terrene Battle Armor Old Oxalic Acid Oxalic Acid (Old) Rice Noodle (Old) Spores (Old) Flux (Old) Old Spicy Bullfrog Lime (Old) Plaster (Old) Quartz Sand (Old) Blood Crystals (Old) Black Fungi (Old) Aquavit - Fine Wine (Old) Raw Lacquer (Old) Pig Iron (Old) Wrought Iron (Old) Steel Wire (Old) Steel (Old) Spicy Chicken (3-Star) Reward, Temporary Gold Dust (Old)