Secret Art of Treasure Hunting Shoreman’s Shirt Everwinter Snowglobe Headpiece Everwinter Snowglobe Headpiece Candy Raccoon Love Specs Old Emollion Oolong Tea Crimson Phoenix Hairstyle Open this to get the Crimson Phoenix Hairstyle. Boiled Dumpling Type 1 Tool Potential Modification Scroll Manual on Pursuing Techniques Flame Red Envelope Jade Gold Phoenix Mark Gift Phoenix Mark Gift Old Watercress Sardines Celebration Surprise Gift Secret Art of Pursuit Celebration Gift Refined Leather Helm Old Seaweed Rolls Old Ocean’s Fortune Masterpiece Leather Helm Old Seaweed Rolls Medium Jade Extract (Old) Old Peach Cake Large Jade Extract (Old) Shiitake Tarts Cod Liver Oil Granules Sago Paste Traveler's Rations Intermediate Skypiercer Scroll I - Killer Refined Hood Flight Hood Poltergeist Hood Masterpiece Hood Round 3 Vanguard Army 3 Defeats Reward Fine Chaos Drink Old Crab Salad Premium Rage Philter Fish Bladders Sesame Oil White Tiger Battle Victor’s Reward Bean Sauce Intermediate Shadowbreaker Scroll I - Aptitude Beer Old Moss Roll Intermediate Shadowbreaker Scroll I - Tao S-type Heat Crawler Darksteel War Horse Golden War Horse M-type Heat Crawler Moondrinker Deer Ancient Peregrine Bloodfang Colossus Imperial Ram Green Prop Mech White Swan Meteor Rickshaw Frost Lens Snow Globe Old Seaweed Soup Snuffler Bonemeal Fresh Potable (Old) Old Wolfberry Soup Old Bamboo Shoots and Shrimp Soup White Tiger Vanguard Second Place Treasure Box Pummeling Wraith ★★★ White Tiger Defending Army Treasure Box Old Cabbage and Mushroom Soup Level 10 Silversmith Practice Scroll Coarse Seastone (Old) Blackstone (Old) Chicken with Scallions (4-Star) Reward Goldstone - Old Maple Bloodstone (Old) Rose Stone (Old) Red Mica (Old) Sandstone (Old) Level 20 Silversmith Practice Scroll Purple Sunstone (Old) Star Velvet (Old) Eventide Kelp - Old Cremini Mushroom (Old) Spirit Grass - Old Level 25 Silversmith Practice Scroll Four-leaf Clover - Old Edelweiss (Old) Desert Thorn (Old) Nine-colored Lotus (Old) Witch Hazel (Old) Onion Chicken (4-Star) Reward Bamboo (Old) Gray Pine - Old Hickory (Old) Thornbaum (Old) White Maple (Old) Deep Fried Chicken (4-Star) Reward Ancient Ebony (Old) Sacred Cherry (Old) Golden Scarwood (Old) Basic Component - Old Intermediate Components (Old) Advanced Components (Old) Basic Building Materials - Old Intermediate Building Material - Old Advanced Building Materials - Old Venison (Old) Spirit Spores (Old) Level 45 Silversmith Practice Scroll Clarity Tome Wolf Meat (Old) Spider Meat (Old) Arboreal Jute (Old) Cotton Scroll - Old Country Chicken (4-Star) Reward Apparel Item I - Old Animal Hide (Old) Suede (Old) Apparel Item I - Old Apparel Item III (Old) Boiled and Broiled (4-Star) Reward Hemp - Old Cotton Scroll (Old) Cotton (Old) Ironrider - Fresh Potable (Old) Snow Queen (Chest) Snow Queen (Hand) Kong - Fresh Potable (Old) Helper True Void Leather Top Windwalker (Chest) Onion Chicken (5-Star) Reward Deep Fried Chicken (5-Star) Reward Rice - Old Rice Noodles (Old) Rice Noodle (Old) Sticky Rice (Old) Rice Flour (Old) Chicken Drumsticks Five-Star Reward Flour (Old) Soybeans (Old) Bean Paste - Old Tofu - Old Lean Meat (Old) Old Sporecloud Mushroom Soup Pork Trotters (Old) Pork Liver (Old) Pork Bones (Old) Chicken Breast (Old)