Little Devil Candle Soloist Headdress Recruiter’s Reward Snowflake Amber Headband Panda Colorful Tie Second Moon Ephemeral Spirit Badge Beer Goggles Flower Mask Pacifier Eye of Rose Mister Chucklehead Dawn’s Spirit Candy Cane Jibi Backpack Southern Rain Sneaky Rat Sludge Rune Wine Gourd Cultivation Book Monster Scroll Aristocrat's Fan Imperial Livery Hat Gunslinger Class Reward Stately Hat Mentor’s Protection Seasonal Rain Cap Battle Dance Hat Sheep Hat Vanguard Class Reward Enigma Accessory Delicious Candy Spirit Fox Accessory Punisher Blossom Accessory Black Swallow Accessory Spirit Shaper Class Reward Imperial Livery Hat Soul Legion Badge - Hidden Blade Double Dragon Pearl - Vanguard Candied Strawberries - Swordmage Abundance - Blademaster Occultist Class Reward Flower Blossoms - Spirit Shaper Festive Poppers - Occultist Double Dragon Pearl - Single Candied Strawberries - Single Abundance - Single Online Friend Reminder Normal Pack Flower Blossoms - Single Festive Poppers - Single Plum Blossom Parasol Fragrant Lantern Sunlight Lantern Gohn Sludge Rune Curls - Small Female Pigtails - Small Female Rose Blossom - Small Female Long Hair - Small Female Manual on Demon Slaying Techniques Participation Reward - Top 30 Curls - Medium Female Pigtails - Medium Female Rose Blossom - Medium Female Beehive Beautiful Layered - Medium Female Level 45 Blacksmith Practice Scroll Shiny - Medium Male Gallant - Medium Male Lockheart - Medium Male Long and Wavy - Medium Male Exorcist - Slim Male Participation Reward - Top 50 Gallant - Slim Male Lockheart - Slim Male Long and Wavy - Slim Male Long and Wavy - Big Male Long and Straight - Big Male Participation Reward - Top 60 Elegant Sakura Hairpiece Inventor's Band Inventor's Band Baby Bonnet Envoy's Hairpiece Sage Plume Courtier's Headdress Courtier's Headdress Giant's Fury Iron Will Divine Hammer Hyphaean Medicine White Night Hat Clearwater Hat Vitality Cap Puppy Man-Eating Rabbit Horse Face Eltmere Crown Eltmere Crown Warrior Hair Hair Adornment Flowing Hair Imperial Reward - The Unslain Premium Precision Philter Magpie Flight Crown Magpie Flight Crown Windswept Hair Windsong Helper True Shoreman's Leather Garment Snow Bun Moon Drape Honeyflower Coiffure Country Charm Hat Participation Reward - Top 10 Leopard Shades Vampire Bunny Cap Cute Bunny Rabbit Ears Treasure Hunting Tricks Guide Participation Reward - Top 20 Masquerade Mask Royalty Hat Pavilion Hat Peach Accessory Diva Accessory Common Chaos Drink Reindeer Hat Masquerade Glamor Spring Lantern Demolisher Hat Demolisher Hat Short Silver Smoky Locks Long Part Short Silver Life of Leisure Ramen Nibbler God of Cooking Challenge Bronze Award Jade Leaf Fan Silver Bough Tiara Brilliant Goldspun Filigree Brilliant Goldspun Tassle Gold Wheels God of Cooking Challenge Participation Reward Goldspun Tassle Embedded Gold Bauble Embedded Gold Bauble