Advanced Leaping Porpoise Scroll I - Spirit Advanced Leaping Porpoise Scroll II - Spirit Moonwater Bouquet Advanced Firefly Hex Scroll I - Soul Advanced Firefly Hex Scroll I - Aptitude Advanced Firefly Hex Scroll I - Spirit Swordfish Three Ways Advanced Essence of Spring Scroll I - Killer Advanced Essence of Spring Scroll II - Killer Type III Tool Level Skip Modification Spirit Shaper - Server Third Place Advanced Green Vines Scroll I - Soul Basic Moon Marrow Intermediate Moon Marrow Advanced Moon Marrow Basic Sun Marrow Ragefire Hood Advanced Sun Marrow Velvet Lea - Dawn Sidus Ur - Dawn Shattered Valley - Dawn Velvet Lea - Dusk Stainless Hood Shattered Valley Painting - Dusk Velvet Lea Painting Sidus Ur Painting Shattered Valley Painting Emotion Bottle I Advanced Green Vines Scroll I - Spirit Emotion Bottle II Tears of Joy Emotion Bottle III Tears of Departure Emotion Bottle IV Advanced Falling Sakura Scroll I - Soul Sorrow Joy Departure Certificate of Activity Oracle Fragment Advanced Falling Sakura Scroll II - Soul Flame’s Heart - Dust Flame Fragments Dust Flame Pearl Dust Old Savage Gale Hood Savage Gale Hood Skystrike Hood Rigid Boards Cold Steel Hood Construction Records Certificate of Activity Compact Battens Advanced Luxuriant Rush Scroll I - Soul Forlorn Skies Hood Sturdy Battens Falcon Hood Construction Records Compact Sticks Heavy Sticks Occultist - Cross-server Champion Sturdy Sticks Rigid Sticks Construction Records Exploration Points Vanguard - Cross-server Warrior Blademaster - Cross-server Champion Blademaster - Cross-Server Second Place Empty Record Blademaster - Cross-Server Third Place Sulan Fried Rice Argentum Ore Red Oak Kindling Assassin - Server Second Place Assassin - Server Third Place Venom ZX500 Core (Bound) Assassin - Server Warrior Assassin - Server Champion Assassin - Cross-server Second Place Small Vortex Rune Assassin - Cross-server Warrior Dragonsword Candy Cane Jibi Backpack Basic Activity Gift Small Activity Gift Nice Activity Gift Big Activity Gift Euro Cup Apparel Chest Sage's Brew Tasting Record Asian Face Paint Chest Venom ZX500 Scorpion Driver’s License App. 2.8.0 Gift Pack Space Socialite Prize Plum Blossom Parasol Raid Tutorial Reward Chest Raid Tutorial Reward Chest Venom ZX500 Stingray Flying License Raid Tutorial Reward Chest Raid Tutorial Reward Chest Regular Lucky Grab Bag Refined Lucky Grab Bag Exuberant Lucky Grab Bag Cutie Squad Activity Gift Dark Moon III Cutie Squad Activity Gift Cutie Squad Activity Gift Douyu Carnival Exclusive Gift Pack July Event Apparel Box Flame Rebirth Rune July Player’s Meeting Event Gift Pack B Void Banishment II Devoted Player Fortune Pack Campus Adventurers Association Support Pack Campus Adventurers Association Elite Pack Character Support Exclusive Pack Flag Cosmic Ripple Cool First Gift Cool Mini Gift Cool Generous Gift Cool Mega Gift Venom ZX500 Stingray Flying License Creator’s Apology Creator’s Gift Beef Rice Creator's Good Faith Development Team's Gratitude Creator’s Weekly Homage Venom ZX500 Scorpion Embryo Feather Wings - Volley Feather Wings - Gloomy Feather Wings - Miracle (Old) Butterfly Wings - Daytime White (Old) Butterfly Wings - Night Black (Old) Butterfly Wings - Yin-yang Fiery Hell Creator’s Passion Lightfeather Quad Wings Old Medium Strength Pill Dragonfly - Starlight Dragonfly - Initial Heart Dragonfly Wings Creator’s Devotion Nirvana Wings Goldwin Carth Wings Wings of Darkness (Old) Dragon Wings - Nether Particle Accelerator X4 Apprentice’s Clothing