Beehive Pure Stale Seared Squid Intermediate Merciless Strike Scroll I - Tao Intermediate Merciless Strike Scroll II - Tao War Fiend Starburst Workman’s Gift Chest Intermediate Hunter's Light Scroll I - Killer Construction Records Advanced Cannon Intermediate Hunter's Light Scroll I - Aptitude Stale Garlic Pork Peach Accessory Diva Accessory Azure Deity Earrings Maplefall Band Reindeer Horns Intermediate Adrenaline Scroll I - Tao Construction Records Intermediate Windwave Scroll I - Killer Old Sautéed Catfish Telas Patroller Sludge Rune Lovebirds Moongazer Headgear Karthstone Earrings Cherry Fall N/A Intermediate Broken Moon Scroll I - Aptitude Construction Records Carriage Intermediate Broken Moon Scroll I - Tao Stale Braised Beef with Potatoes Basic Vanguard's Blessing Scroll I - Aptitude Carriage Intermediate Juggernaut's Sweep Scroll I - Killer Flaming Flying Sword Brocaded Embroidery Flaming Flying Sword Intermediate Juggernaut's Sweep Scroll I - Tao Flaming Flying Sword Sedgling Pollen Empty Record Flaming Flying Sword Mirror Moon Flaming Flying Sword Olympic Gold Medal Flaming Flying Sword Oxalic Acid Dream Earrings Divine Demolisher Intermediate Skypiercer Scroll II - Killer Bomber Summoner Demonic Angel Head Ornament Flaming Flying Sword Charcoal Flaming Flying Sword Intermediate Shadowbreaker Scroll I - Killer Flying Sword Speed Test Grinding Wheel Heartbreak Earrings Mother Whale Descendant Intermediate Shadowbreaker Scroll I - Tao Personal Stall: Honorable Sister Falcon Leather Helm Dye Mortar Lubricating Oil Alkaid Earrings Paint Travel the Mountain Stream Leaching Agent Construction Records Flameborn Hegemon Flux Four Kings Heritage Rites Flameborn Hegemon Dark Wind Earrings Flameborn Hegemon Calamity Construction Records Personal Stall: Decorative Banner Flameborn Hegemon Flameborn Hegemon Dragontooth God Slayer Earrings Flameborn Hegemon Imperial Aries Empty Record Ginseng Chicken Soup Personal Stall: Hyphaean Flameborn Hegemon Construction Records Old Refined Basic Components Old Refined Intermediate Components Refined Advanced Components (Old) Construction Records Skystrike Necklace Clearwind Flying Sword Common Necklace Billets Eye patch Black-rimmed Glasses Beer Goggles Mom's Gift Flameborn Tyrant Flower Mask Special Ring Billets Pacifier Sturgeon Soup Mom's Blessing N/A Flying Fire Exclusive Pack Flying Fire Starter Pack Flying Fire VIP Pack Common Tough Armor Billets Flying Fire Birthday Pack Ebon Horns of the Occult Flames of Dawn Chest Sweetdew Chest Flower Mask Star Glasses Special Garment Fabric Ebon Horns of the Occult Giant's Fury Silver Tailfeather Dagger Flurry II Demon Horns Leopard Shades Eternal Chasm Test Kill Reward Stingroot Earrings Happy New Year Masquerade Mask Atoll Marauder Essence of Spring Glasses Old Man Winter Enthusiast's Gift Earth Spirit Earrings Plumstone Beads Pack Eternal Night Sword Salvo II Kirin’s Nyx Canyon Wyrm’s Nyx Gatekeeper’s Nyx Intermediate Mionide Bells Scroll I - Spirit Fog Hood Common Identity Oil: Armor Intermediate Spectral Magpie Scroll I - Aptitude Chicken Hotpot Intermediate Spectral Magpie Scroll I - Spirit Intermediate Spirit Shell Scroll I - Soul Basic Moon Marrow Intermediate Moon Marrow