Two-Star Nation Reward Advanced Cold Shackles Scroll II - Prohibition Construction Records Ragefire Warhelm One-Star Battle Reward Longvale Warhelm Advanced Cunning Step Scroll II - Prohibition Ashen Ranger Helmet Empty Record Participation Reward - Top 3 Advanced Frigid Aura Scroll I - Prohibition Skystrike Helmet Golden Dawn Advanced Star Sword Scroll I - Aptitude Cold Steel Helmet Cap of Mirth Advanced Lambent Step Scroll I - Aptitude Windrider Hat Advanced Celestial Aegis Scroll I - Execution Advanced Celestial Aegis Scroll I - Aptitude Advanced Celestial Aegis Scroll I - Prohibition Old Clawmaster Buri’s True Heart Advanced Celestial Aura Scroll I - Execution Equipment Seal Rune Equipment Seal Rune Equipment Sealbreaker Rune Equipment Sealbreaker Rune Flower of Shame Advanced Celestial Aura Scroll I - Prohibition X-48 High Energy Mender Old Urgon’s True Heart Clawmaster Buri’s True Heart Gohn’s True Heart Urgon’s True Heart Advanced Lambent Bolt Scroll I - Aptitude Personality Show - Appearance Guild Name Coupon Guild Name Coupon Marcel's True Heart (20-member) Marcel's True Heart (10-member) Hair Adornment Antlers Flowing Hair Top Knot Flower Bouffant Colorful Hairstyle Jade Crown Construction Records Magpie Flight Crown Windswept Hair Windsong Angel’s Fine Earrings Ranger Snow Bun Empty Record Moon Drape Honeyflower Coiffure Country Charm Hat Rabbit Ears Advanced Magic Defense Seal Moongazer Headdress Buccaneer's Bandanna Royalty Hat Pavilion Hat Spirit Shaper Great Disciple Headgear N/A Pudgy the Reindeer Yuletide Cap Reindeer Hat Construction Records Damaged Empress's Blessing talisman. Bovine Buddy Little Angel Little Devil Crimson Fall Revelation Online Beta Overlord Welcome Pack Flash Construction Records Cherry Braised Pork Knuckle Mystic Whale Flute Beta Return Gift - Level 29 Beta Return Gift - Level 39 C-type Heat Crawler Beta Return Gift - Level 49 Empty Record Large Beta Supreme Pack Beta Return Gift - Level 9 Moonflower Hairclip Beastblood Fury Earrings Soul Grid’s Power - Level 6 Soul Grid PVE Mark Pact - Level 4 PVE Mark Construction Records Soloist (Accessory) Night Rose (Accessory) Calligraphy Luxury Edition Box Crimson Bloom Little Devil (White) Moonflower Hairclip (Blue) Beehive Beautiful Butterfly Hairclip (Green) Extreme Black Turtle Seal Amber Headband Cloudsmoke Apparel Box Sunchaser Earrings Lucky Rabbit Lone Figure Construction Records Dragonbone Reel - Range Panda Candy Advanced Gate Festival Fortune Pack Sparkling Earrings Moonwater Fall Pirate’s Treasure Colorful Tie Construction Records Beta Testing Gift - Making Acquaintances Beta Testing Gift - Second Encounter Beta Testing Gift - Confidante Royal Light Earrings Special Turret Autumn Leaf Accessory Spirit Fox Accessory Empty Record Punisher Blossom Accessory Old Eel Soup Initial Excelsior Pastille Lycorine Rosette Bovine Buddy Divine Portal Advanced Merciless Strike Scroll II - Killer Construction Records Advanced Merciless Strike Scroll I - Aptitude Beehive Pure Stale Seared Squid Advanced Merciless Strike Scroll I - Tao Advanced Merciless Strike Scroll II - Tao War Fiend Starburst Workman’s Gift Chest Advanced Hunter’s Light Scroll I - Killer Construction Records Advanced Cannon Advanced Hunter’s Light Scroll I - Aptitude Stale Garlic Pork Peach Accessory Diva Accessory