Sage's Brew Scroll Pacifying Brew Scroll Grave Wort Identification Scroll Antwood Identification Scroll Fir Tree Identification Scroll Eustite Ore Identification Scroll Rainbow Stone Ore Scroll Broken Evil Gem Currently unavailable Currently unavailable Sunken Galleon Master Certificate Oneiric Trials Master Certificate Mech Citadel Master Certificate Darkscale Spirit General Master Dungeon Certificate Darkscale Spirit Graduation Gift Mentor Token Follower Token Starshatter Rumble Certificate Heart of Love - Meeting Secret Love Box - Meeting Template Remover Dark Progenitor Amber Fish Powder Darkscale Extract Soul Crystal Red Glass Coral Lustrous Jade Moonflower Scintilla Celestial Weapon Soul Tidal Enmity Armor Fragment Tidal Enmity Armor Crystal Gingerbread Bear of Armor Magic Gold Armor Secret Silver Armor Cotton Flame Armor Tidal Enmity Leather Fragment Tidal Enmity Leather Crystal Leather Gingerbread Bear Magic Gold Leather Secret Silver Leather Cotton Flame Leather Tidal Enmity Cloth Fragment Tidal Enmity Cloth Crystal Cloth Gingerbread Bear Magic Gold Cloth Secret Silver Cloth Cotton Flame Cloth Demon King Heart Ox Demon Soul Seabright Pearl Happy Mid Autumn Festival Tidal Enmity Power Fragment (Old) Tidal Enmity Power Crystal (Old) Gingerbread Bear of Power (Old) Magic Gold Power (Old) Secret Silver Power (Old) Cotton Flame Power (Old) Tidal Enmity Illusion Fragment (Old) Tidal Enmity Illusion Crystal (Old) Gingerbread Bear of Illusions (Old) Magic Gold Illusion (Old) Secret Silver Illusion (Old) Cotton Flame Illusion (Old) Cute Heart Harvest Grain Good Year Ferment Good Year Brewer's Yeast Old Clawmaster Buri’s True Heart Old Gohn’s True Heart Flower of Shame Old Gohn’s True Heart Clawmaster Buri’s True Heart Heart of Gohn - Fury Urgon’s True Heart Marcel's True Heart (20-member) Marcel's True Heart (10-member) Velvet Lea - Dawn Sidus Ur - Dawn Shattered Valley - Dawn Velvet Lea - Dusk Sidus Ur - Dusk Shattered Valley Painting - Dusk Cup of Silver Grains Cup of Gold Grains Cord of Nimbus Wood Chasm Dragon Seal - Heavens Chasm Dragon Seal - Earth Chasm Dragon Seal - People Seal of the Chasm Dragon Add Guild Fealty Adds Guild Funds. Does not add Fealty. Blue Equipment Purple Equipment Gold Equipment Level 40 Purple shirt Level 40 Purple Secondary Level 40 Purple Shoes Level 30-35 Blue Equipment 35-40 Purple Equipment Level 40 - 45 Purple Equipment Level 45-50 Purple Equipment Level 50-55 Gold Equipment Level 60 Ultimate Gold Equipment Purple Boots Purple Necklace Purple Soul Crystal Blue Soul Crystal Gold Soul Crystal Purple Soul Shards Gold Soul Shards Special Skill Book Treatise on Cultivation Special Skill Book Level 50-55 Gold Ring Level 40-75 Earrings 20-25 Blue Equipment Level 25-30 Purple Equipment Level 30-35 Purple Equipment Level 50-55 Purple Equipment Blue Soul Shards Purple Earrings Level 55 Gold Equipment Materials Level 65 Gold Equipment Materials Level 55-60 Purple Equipment 60-65 Purple Equipment Level 50-65 Purple Ring Level 50-65 Purple Earrings Ausgyth Novice Prize Old Chest Dye Ornament Apparel Gold Necklace Advanced Recovery Medicine Level 1 Fortifying Dish Level 2 Fortifying Dish Special Wine Level 1 PVE Mark Level 2 PVE Mark Level 3 PVE Mark Level 4 PVE Mark Level 5 PVE Mark Level 2 PVP Mark Level 3 PVP Mark Level 4 PVP Mark Primary Treatise on Cultivation