Catch Sights Beam Dowel Cross Wand Dovetail Joint Light Crossbow Heavy Crossbow Ranger's Crossbow Light Arm Crossbow Heavy Arm Crossbow Yellow Arm Crossbow Bamboo Hook Compound Hook Alloy Hook Inspiration Stimulant Camelia Extract Leaching Agent Pine Board Hickory Board Thornbaum Board Maple Board Elkwood Board Ancient Ebony Board Sacred Cherry Golden Scarwood Coarse Leather Refined Basic Components Refined Intermediate Components Refined Advanced Components Bamboo Charcoal Mixed Noodles Seafood Noodles Invigoration Element R Invigoration Element S Invigoration Element T Pickaxe Sickle Hatchet Spoon Alchemy Pot Crosscut Saw Wrench Chisel Blacksmith's Hammer Silversmith's Hammer Driving Hammer Needle and Thread Needle and Thread Wok Grain Scoop Teacup Fine Pickaxe Fine Sickle Stately Hatchet Fine Spoon Fine Alchemy Pot Fine Crosscut Saw Fine Wrench Fine Chisel Blacksmith’s Hammer Fine Silversmith’s Hammer Fine Driving Hammer Fine Needle and Thread Fine Needle and Thread Fine Wok Fine Grain Scoop Fine Teacup Pick Small Hoe Saw Test Tube Stirring Rod Carving Knife Screwdriver Masonry Hammer Iron Anvil Molds Whetstone Shears Scissors Cleaver Oak Barrel Teapot Fine Pick Fine Small Hoe Fine Saw Fine Test Tube Fine Stirring Rod Fine Carving Knife Fine Screwdriver Fine Masonry Hammer Fine Anvil Fine Molds Fine Wetstone Fine Shears Fine Scissors Fine Cleaver Fine Oak Barrel Fine Teapot Miner's Hat Gardening Shovel Chainsaw Beaker Crucible Wood Plane Ink Line Engraving Knife Tongs Hand File Serrated Knife Ruler Frost Lens Meteor Rickshaw White Swan Tea Stove Fine Miner’s Hat Fine Gardening Shovel Fine Chainsaw Fine Beaker Fine Crucible Fine Wood Plane Fine Ink Line Fine Engraving Knife Flight Ring Fine Hand File Fine Serrated Knife Fine Ruler Fine Tape Measure Fine Spatula Fine Sieve Fine Tea Stove Common Repair Components Fine Repair Components Type 1 Tool Lucky Modification Type 1 Tool Potential Modification Type 2 Tool Lucky Modification Type 2 Tool Potential Modification Type 3 Tool Lucky Modification Type 3 Tool Potential Modification Fine Common Repair Components Fine Repair Components Rain of Stars (Test) Happy Spring Festival (Test) Happy New Year (Test) Leshy's Flute Oaken Cornix Golden Altar Sacred Axe