Flying Scroll Midnight Whale Ivory Whale Sky Voyager Three-person Hot Air Balloon Three-person Hot Air Balloon #2 Dragon Boat Beast of Nightmares Palm-leaf Fan Radiant Stag Fleeting Shadow - Azure Ray Talent Award Ghost Dragon Spring Love Letter Graded exam - Zero Points Fleeting Shadow - Fumaria Fleeting Shadow - Verdant Silk Fleeting Shadow - Flat Matte Ghostly Chamber Venom ZX500 - Stingray Form Lovers’ New Moon Bronze Crescent Crystal Crescent Felinar Felinar 2 Snow Globe Ultimate Beast of Nightmares Sky Voyager - Modified Venom ZX500 - Scorpion Form Venom ZX500 - Stingray Form Alpha Wave Zero (Adjustment) Thundermane (Adjustment) Tuskie (Adjustment) Hangman’s Horse (Adjustment) Little Golden Chicken Misha Little Golden Chicken Big Lucky Money Pouch Bobo’s Gold Chest Green Dragon's Preservation (I) Mushka Ghostly Chamber Wooden Compass Green Dragon's Blessing (II) White Tiger's Preservation (I) Skill - Dean’s List White Tiger Blessing 1 Basic Primary Weapon Billets Basic Mionide Bells Scroll I - Soul White Tiger Blessing 2 Wooden Drum Revelation Online Exclusive Extreme Pack Revelation Online Tasting Novice Gift Revelation Online Exclusive Gold Pack Revelation Online Welcome Gold Pack Revelation Online Enjoyment Silver Pack Glory of the Guild Excelsior Inner Demon Box of Gratitude Lucky Pouch - Tripod Christmas Treasure Legacy of the Holy War Tower of Pain Excelsior Pearl Golden Compass Christmas Treasure Map Gift Raven Gall Necklace Small Loyalty Cache Normal Loyalty Cache Large Loyalty Cache Comrade Summon Reward I Comrade Summon Reward II Goldspun Filigree Comrade Summon Reward III Comrade Summon Reward IV Comrade Summon Reward V Covetousness Angry Path Villager Umbrella Obsession Restraint Settle the Thoughts Wisdom Deep Sentiment Candy Box Accurate Compass Christmas Candy Bag Precious Map Fragment Bag Spirit Shaper - Server Champion - Second Generation Intermediate Shaper's Succor Scroll I - Soul Battle Medicine Magic Gift - Covetousness Magic Feed - Angry Path Magic Gift - Obsession Magic Gift - Restraint Magic Gift - Tranquility Vitality Extract Construction Records Flying Leaves Necklace Basic Luxuriant Rush Scroll I - Spirit Magic Gift - Covetousness Magic Feed - Angry Path Magic Gift - Obsession Magic Gift - Restraint Magic Gift - Tranquility Magic Gift - Wisdom Purple Dye Obsidian Compass Gold Dye Lucky Pouch - Glory Super Dye Lucky Pouch - Brocaded Embroidery Random Dye Lucky Pouch - Spirit Shaper Advanced Primary Weapon Billets Mystical Dye Pouch of Gilded Coins Dye Removal Oil Inner Demons Courtesy Gift Radiance Liquid Inner Demons Courtesy Gift Best Wishes Inner Demons Courtesy Gift Silver Radiance Inner Demons Courtesy Gift Dazzling Radiance Basic Imperial Cache Festive Poppers Modest Imperial Cache Color Card Luxurious Imperial Cache White Horse Red Horse Black Horse Beast of Burden S-type Heat Crawler Darksteel War Horse Golden War Horse M-type Heat Crawler Alpha Wave Zero Ashwing Crane Thundermane Scarlet Drake Tuskie Hangman’s Horse Moondrinker Deer Mother Whale Ancient Peregrine War Rhino Midnight Rider Bloodfang Colossus