Basella Nectar Retribution I Dregs Sample Deer Stampede I Antidote Novitiate's Staff Investigation Record Heart of Crystal Leshy Sample Acquaintance - Fantasy Orb Strange Totem Blazing Charge II Hyphaean Doll Demon Killer Staff Bloodstained Totem Broken Totem Refined Ring Cracked Totem Shaper’s Mirth Cap Holy Vortex II Passage Token Rune Hexer’s Orb Troop Movement Document Imp's Bolus Armament Transfer Document Ultimate Fire Staff Provisions Transfer Document Ultimate Magnificent Staff Black Powder Crate Dark Moon III Void Banishment II Poltergeist Ring Fire Staff Colethir Staff Ultimate Colethir Staff Azure Deity Staff Arch Magus Bolus Masterpiece Ring Hexer's Guile Livid Colethir Staff Shattering Blow II Cyclone Burst I Conflagrant Earrings Concealed Dragon Earrings Dragonchaser Earrings Twilight Earrings Extermination II Invictus Dangling Earrings Nirvana Earrings Nightfall Rebirth Staff of Emptiness Immortal Legacy Point of No Return Shining Staff Rumbling Thunder Talisman Flamescar Staff The Watcher's Geographica Windwalker Staff Deadeye Shot I Tumultuous Staff Luminous Moon Staff Weapons Essence Vanguard’s Range Swordmage’s Repentance Blademaster’s Fearlessness Juggernaut Armor III Spirit Shaper’s Compassion Occultist’s Decision Visibility Potion Metal Bolt Essence Metal Bolt Essence Broken Iron Broken Iron Broken Steel Broken Steel Clean Up Errant Bolts Divine Overlook Disciple’s Novel Razor Puppets II Shining Staff Rumbling Thunder Talisman Cunning Transference II Windwalker Staff War Fiend Staff Memory Chaos Crystal VII Tumultuous Staff Luminous Moon Staff Illumination Staff Siphoning Spirits II Level 1 Occultist Path Element Cure Rune Physical Defense Rune Magic Defense Rune Crit Reduction Rune Ruthless Rune Tempered Rune Parry Cure Rune Dodge Cure Rune Physical Damage Rune Magic Damage Rune Accurate Attack Rune Bloodlust Rune Magic Defense Rune Special Skill Rune Special Skill Reduction Rune Critical Damage Rune Quenching Rune Break Essence Rune Demonslaying Rune Critical Hit Rune Physical Defense Break Rune Magic Defense Break Rune Hidden Star Dangling Earrings Lycorine Rosette Cold Steel Stave Teleportation Jade Fragment Love Spell (Bound) Blood Advanced Cure Rune Advanced Physical Defense Rune Advanced Magic Defense Rune Advanced Crit Reduction Rune Advanced Ruthless Rune Advanced Tempered Rune Advanced Parry Cure Rune Advanced Dodge Cure Rune Advanced Physical Damage Rune Advanced Magic Damage Rune Advanced Accurate Attack Rune Advanced Bloodlust Rune Advanced Magic Defense Rune Advanced Special Skill Rune Advanced Special Skill Reduction Rune Advanced Critical Damage Rune Advanced Quenching Rune Advanced Break Essence Rune Advanced Demonslaying Rune Advanced Critical Hit Rune Advanced Physical Defense Break Rune Advanced Magic Defense Break Rune Ascetic Warrior’s Studs Premium Kylin Lozenge 90 Reincarnation (Test) Bovine Buddy Speedy Rune Dexterity Rune Freedom Rune Impunity Rune Diamond Rune