Cloud Shepard's Song Rustling Bamboo Rhyme Green Plum Misty Rain and Azure Waters Aegis Envoy of the Green Dragon Demigod of Carnage Dragon Roar Warrior Blade of the Dragon Concealed Dragon Envoy Knight of the Shadowmoon Soulchaser Envoy Guest of Opportunity 2D Unfamiliarity Intermediate Focused Fire Scroll I - Flame Old Ordinary Soap Conflagrant Earrings Concealed Dragon Earrings Dragonchaser Earrings Syzygy Earrings Sea Deity Earrings Invictus Earrings Sparkling Earrings Intermediate Focused Fire Scroll I - Steel Intermediate Proximity Mine Scroll II - Steel Deadeye Shot I Strafe II Mordant Blaster Juggernaut Armor III Mortar Fusillade ★★★ Firepower - Fiery Burst III Sunderer Hoops Dark Oolong Bottle of Honey Occident Stag Tendon Cure Rune Physical Defense Rune Magic Defense Rune Crit Reduction Rune Ruthless Rune Tempered Rune Razor Puppets II Dodge Cure Rune Physical Damage Rune Magic Damage Rune Accurate Attack Rune Bloodlust Rune Magic Defense Rune Special Skill Rune Special Skill Reduction Rune Crit Bonus Rune Quenching Rune Break Essence Rune Crackshot - Binding Trap III Critical Hit Rune Physical Defense Break Rune Magic Defense Break Rune Hidden Star Hoops Sensory Beads Advanced Assassin's Haste Scroll I - Inhibit Advanced Cure Rune Advanced Physical Defense Rune Advanced Magic Defense Rune Advanced Crit Reduction Rune Advanced Ruthless Rune Advanced Tempered Rune Advanced Parry Cure Rune Advanced Dodge Cure Rune Advanced Physical Damage Rune Advanced Magic Damage Rune Advanced Accurate Attack Rune Advanced Bloodlust Rune Advanced Magic Defense Rune Advanced Special Skill Rune Advanced Special Skill Reduction Rune Advanced Crit Bonus Rune Advanced Quenching Rune Advanced Break Essence Rune Advanced Demonslaying Rune Advanced Critical Hit Rune Advanced Physical Defense Break Rune Advanced Magic Defense Break Rune Ascetic Warrior’s Earrings Honey-roasted Chicken Speedy Rune Dexterity Rune Freedom Rune Impunity Rune Diamond Rune Courage Rune Reckless Rune Tenacity Rune Sobriety Soup Material Wildfire Hoops Grindstone Elemental Rhythm Orb (Water) Phoenix Сrimson Phoenix Bird Of Prey Shaper’s Mirth Hoops Leshy Branch Bundle Refined Shoes Flight Boots Aurora Warrior Poltergeist Shoes Inductor (Heaven) Masterpiece Shoes Lentils Inductor (Flight) Inductor (Earth) Purple Teapot Essence Crystal Essence Energy Valuable Medicine Spade Buried Medicine Box Book of Letters Blood Coral Essence Crystal Ritual Artifact Genesis Cimmerian Earrings Happy New Year (Test) Observation Record - Bottom Cunning Transference II Observation Record Light Bringer - Spirit Protection III Daughter's Tears Cagnum Weed Archon of Light III Fairyland Herbs Water Source Crystal Light Bringer - Gods’ Blessing III Volopine Fine Wine Spring Water Light Bringer - War Dance I Famous Painting Udumbara Bonds of Light I Ausgyth Treasure Ancient Celestial Soldier Cruel Fang Earrings Dark Oolong Glass of Lampyrian Ambrosia Glass of Pear Wine Glass of mulberry wine. Tree Leaves Strange Leaf Pearflower - Old Wine Pot