Tidewater Stool Ornate Dresser Mahogany Wardrobe Concentrated Tortoise Serum Blue Glowshrooms Falmari Rum Falmari Spiced Rum Crane Sculpture Festive Lanterns Superior Snuffler Bonemeal Dusken Clover Mead Dusken Rose Mead Ginseng Wine Spiced Ginseng Wine Lucky Fox Screen Ornate Floral Screen Spiced Dandelion Wine Wingarian Aquavit Boneware Wine Vessels Bronze Teapot Flowering Roundbush Golden Dragon's Roar Sandalwood Lunchbox Concentrated Bloodclaw Serum Bronze Incense Burner Calligraphy Paper Scrolls Refined Bloodclaw Musk Five-colored Vase Fine Hawthorn Wine Daisy Table Vase of Orchids Lovely Ikebana Whetstone Stout Aged Whetstone Stout Porcelain Bowl Level 5 Artifice Practice Whetstone Ale Evening Barcarole Basic Rebirth Wine Tidewater Snack Drawers Fine Rebirth Wine Rainbow Carpet Shimmering Carpet Sage's Brew Snowy Velvet Carpet Level 40 Crafting Practice Sandy Gauze Curtain Snowy Gauze Curtain Emerald Gauze Curtain Wide Pink Gauze Drapes Wide Sandy Gauze Drapes Wide Emerald Gauze Drapes Pink Gauze Drapes Apparel Item V Snowy Gauze Drapes Emerald Gauze Drapes Pale Yellow Screen Light Blue Screen Black Ombre Screen Excellent Ornament Repair Pack Mushroom Screen Bellflower Installation Moss Balls Installation Yellowcap Chair Lotus Stool Volopine’s Soft Mat Pear Table of Fortune Pear Table of Peace Pear Table of Longevity Pear Table of Prosperity Golden Lily Lamp Shiitake Lamp White Mushroom Light Golden Treasure Small Table Mycela Paralysis Flowercap Pond Despondent’s Respite Mycela Soft Bed Level 1 Alchemy Practice Level 5 Alchemy Practice Level 10 Alchemy Practice Level 15 Alchemy Practice Level 20 Alchemy Practice Level 25 Alchemy Practice Level 30 Alchemy Practice Level 35 Alchemy Practice Level 40 Alchemy Practice Level 45 Alchemy Practice Chaos Iron Silver Ingot Silver Chain Gold Ingot Silver Loop Gold Chain Gold Loop Silver Orb Gold Orb Gold Thread Basic Necklace Billets Common Necklace Billets Advanced Necklace Billets Special Necklace Billets Basic Ring Billets Common Ring Billets Advanced Ring Billets Special Ring Billets Monkey & Peach Weak Stone Pillars Makeshift Pillars Insubstantial Pillars Heavy Pillars Stout Pillars Weak Flagstone Makeshift Flagstone Insubstantial Flagstone Heavy Flagstone Stout Flagstone Weak Stone Block Makeshift Stone Blocks Insubstantial Stone Blocks Heavy Stone Blocks Stout Stone Blocks Basic Gate Materials Common Gate Materials Advanced Gate Materials Special Gate Materials Divine Gate Materials Basic Portal Array Building Materials Common Portal Building Materials Advanced Portal Building Materials Special Portal Array Building Materials Divine Portal Array Building Materials Fort - Mark of Might Building Materials Fort - Greatness Mark Building Material Fort - Heaven Mark Building Materials Fort - Wardens' Mark Building Material Fort - Heroism Mark Building Material Bastion - Mark of Might Building Materials Bastion - Greatness Mark Building Material Bastion - Heaven Mark Building Materials Bastion - Wardens' Seal Building Material Bastion - Heroism Mark Building Material Basic Physical Attack Seal Component Advanced Physical Attack Seal Component Basic Physical Defense Seal Component Advanced Physical Defense Seal Component Basic Magic Attack Seal Component Advanced Magic Attack Seal Component Basic Magic Defense Seal Component