Sorcerer's Whip Melee Protection - Triple Combo 1 Toxic Snake Coil Boulder Assault One-handed Strike Fury Fist Fury Fist Windwave Melee Protection - Triple Combo 2 Golden Chakras Galewind Chop Monkey Monkey Second Strike Unsheathed Mode Wind Spirit's Touch Magic Ring Triple Chop Half Moon Strike Upset the Heavens Storm of Blades Storm of Blades Storm of Blades Storm of Blades Redstorm Blade 3-Fist Tiger Style - Blood Fang Pearlescent Orb Gourmet Captive Enemy Breaker Starward Barrage Happy Homestead Opalescent Guardian Grand Fist Opalescent Guardian Sweet Dreams One and Only Awareness - Sincerity Knock Meaty Soup Unfettered Heart Diving Flying Pot Siege Strike Siege Strike Siege Strike Spotted Hound Unrivalled Pearl Blast Mountain Shake One-handed Strike Quick Jump Back Energy Assault Boulder Assault Bat Summon Pearl Prison Fury Fist Claw Strike Cyclo-claw Soaring Dragon Bloom Abyssal Leap Bloody Claw Flying Mode - Bombing Banana Throw Peach Throw Putrid Air Arctonyx Bite Sleigh Crush Fierce Bloodclaw Ultrasonic Radiation Quick Retreat 81-Fist Tiger Style - Descent Sickle Hook Slash Sickle Hook Whirlwind Quick Grab Horn Gore Dirt Spray Bite Assault Magic Morale Boost Struggle Jump Whirlwind Fissure Chop Half Moon Strike Stygian Pall Ring of Darkness Stygian Pall Mana Burst Evil Dawn Whirling Jug Waning Moon Break Shave White Warden's Blessing Heaven's Mark Ragefire Chop Thunderous Whirlwind True Blade Gust Virulent Oldfang Switch Places Power Chaser (Phase 1) Dual Cape Chop Penetrator Sword Instant Double Dragon Dance Dark Attack Darkness Summon Five Aura Chop Great Sword Cross Cut Tyrant Spin Worldbreaker Strike Flame Wall Hammer Dance Hammer Assault Ragefire Hammer Gyro Dance Soul Hammer Chop Break Round Dance Extinguish Harm Lion's Bite Lion Steel Claw Tail Raid Aerial Blade Chop Lion's Angry Roar Flame Form Dark Sacrifice Sky Soulbreaker Magic Charge Obsidian Power Level 1 Crafting Practice Level 5 Crafting Practice Crude Repair Pack Level 10 Crafting Practice Common Repair Pack Level 15 Crafting Practice Crude Ornament Repair Pack Spatula Level 20 Crafting Practice Common Ornament Repair Pack Level 25 Crafting Practice Excellent Repair Pack Level 30 Crafting Practice Level 35 Crafting Practice Ruler White Phoenix Needle and Thread Black Crow Level 45 Crafting Practice Scissors