Withering Pall Deadly Dash Second Strike Pentastrike Ultimate Adrenaline Group Respawn Flower Spirit Spring Green Vines Shaper's Succor Luxuriant Rush Eagle Strike Pummeling Yeti Nature's Balm Radiant Whirlwind Sanctification Charm Faerie's Touch Occultist’s Will Bonds of Light Arcane Collusion Excelsior Isolation - Envoy of Light Excelsior Isolation - Angel of Destruction Spirit's Return Demon Shackle Super Arcane Collusion Group Cunning Transference God's Light - Summon Shura's Rage - Summon Radiant Whirlwind Fire Wind Meteor Fist Hellfire Claw Time Stops Light Cannon Confusion Trap Twilight Slash Flicker Shadow Rush Golden Chakras Grasping Chains Disappear Shadow Trace 1743 Clone Sword Titan's Blades Pummeling Wraith Chained to the Rocks Bindings of Pain Twilight Slash Second Strike Twilight Slash Third Strike Twilight Slash Fourth Strike Lacerating Strike Puncturing Blow Twilight Slash Lacerating Strike Shadow Rush Golden Chakras Grasping Chains Iron Cyclone Reel of Death Deity's Passing Deity's Passing Deity's Passing Melee Protection - Charge Orb Explosion Shattered Unshakable Mountain Deterrence Rocket Barrage Full Flight - Dance - 5X Wrist Strike Brush Animatnion Azure Spear Full Flight - Dance - 3X Unfulfilling Flow Moonfall Azure Sea Meteor Ceaseless Flow Spirit Spray Ceaseless Flow Rock Shield Ceaseless Flow Shield Strike Serene Mirror Lotus Binding Damage Serene Mirror Lotus Tree Claw Sweep Melee Protection - Battle Stomp Water Wyrm's Blessing Jumping Onslaught 9-Fist Tiger Style - Breaking Split Flame Poison Imprisonment Berserker Aura Slowing Aura Disease Fateful Pressure Barbarian Sweep Brutal Anchor Throw Vicious Raid Storm (Phase 2) Bash Horn Charge Rhino Force Broken Shadow Pit Brawler BOOM Full Flight Bully Supersonic Fists Realm of a Thousand Blessings Sonic Mortar Magnetic Pull Lightning Step Silent Artifice Flying Claw Attack Flame Lord Aura Fireball Fireball Jump Slash Wild Chop (Phase 2) Rockfall Rockfall Magic Area Monster Resurrection Totem Summon Rockfall String Edition Rockfall String Edition Flame Lord Aura Sully (Female) Orb Explosion Sorcerer's Whip Melee Protection - Triple Combo 1 Toxic Snake Coil Boulder Assault 1H Strike Fury Fist Fury Fist Windwave Melee Protection - Triple Combo 2 Golden Chakras Galewind Chop Monkey Monkey Second Strike Unsheathed Mode Wind Spirit's Touch Magic Ring Triple Chop Half Moon Strike Upset the Heavens Storm of Blades Storm of Blades Storm of Blades