Fiery Rebirth Light Fox's Arrival Heretical Array Demon Raid Bow of Vitality Bow of Vitality Hallowblade Token Light Sword Summon Confining Yin Yang Array Spirit Step Heaven's Sound Love Lock Iron Precipice Token Polar Green Goron Avrair Unfurling Melodies The Keeper Puksan Mata Frostpike Token Destructive Yin Yang Array Chaotic Yin Yang Array Celestial Barrage Veritas First Strike Veritas Second Strike Commander Token - Haste Flurry Execution Struggle Swing Trample Group Arrow Sniper Arrow Commander in Chief Energy Ball Assault Healing Energy Bomb Wand Swipe Desperate Rush Heaven's Wrath Lance Swing Long Spear Attack Smack Corpse Cut Giant Chop Earth's Fury Great Sword Swipe Great Sword Stab Blizzard Wolf Scratch Wolf Howl Cat Got Your Tongue Bear Face Potent Dynamite Pack Kamikaze Death's Touch Death's Touch Growth Attack Normal Attack Poison Fog Poison Charm Tail Lash Fist of Remembrance Fan Dance Fan Dance Fan Dance Rhino Force Entanglement Swinging Blow Fierce Fist Steel Foot Iron Mountain Fissure Leg Sweep Immortal Flash Immortal Enchantment Devour Chakra Hail Fleeting Realm Implosion Bomb Trample Check Check Grand Fist Wrist Strike Infected Rage Weakened – HP is Halved Drunken Rise: Toast One Style Drunken Rise: Toast Two Style Drunk: Invitation Drunk: Booze Drunk: Cloudkicker Drunk: Immortal Sober Up: Grand Wine Bomb Drunken Fist: Gyro Drunken Fist: Flying Lotus Drunken Fist: Vanquish Violent Blow Barbaric Attack Tail Power Strike Little Toy Moves Explosion Bully Zero Bully Zero Normal Attack Jab Half Moon Strike Turret Bombardment Windcatcher Combo (Phase 2) Punishment - Oath Golden Chakras Charge Punishment - Claw Shadow Trace 1743 Clone Sword Titan's Blades Punishment - Blade Elemental Fury Punishment - Light Punishment - Displeasure Punishment - Shame Slay enemy monsters Wolf Bash Frigid Aura (Phase 2) Summon Blackwind Array Wind Punch Winding Jab - Combo Punishment - Lock Punishment - Blade Punishment - Rage Punishment - Light Punishment - Displeasure Punishment - Shame Run, run! Male Corpse Jab Half Moon Strike Knock Down Bug Catching Watering Out of the pot! Hammer Dance Hammer Assault Cross Slash Whirling Kill Furious Lashing Single Sanction Double Sanction Triple Sanction - One Triple Sanction - Two Triple Sanction - Three Triple Execution Sanction Storm