Divine Illusion Divine Light Orb Evil Exorcism Light Sacrifice Iron Soul Provoke Gladius Throw Myriad Blade - Flicker Step Extermination Virulent Oldfang Virulent Oldfang Virulent Oldfang Virulent Oldfang True Blade Gust True Blade Gust Feather Array Whirlwind Normal Attack Hammer Dance Hammer Assault Hammer Assault Mountain Shake Whirlwind Gold Finger Dirt Spray Dirt Spray Flaming Skyfire Whirlpool Attack Chopper Lightning Strike Focus - Eradication Lightning Strike Harm Snare Spontaneous Combustion Marker Spontaneous Combustion Spontaneous Combustion Self Healing Self Healing Double Hammer Pound Flame Stomp Hammer Explosion Evil Beam Hammer Dance Hammer Dance Scourge Withering Pall Tail Raid Arctonyx Bite Flowing Sword 27-Fist Tiger Style - Sunfire Summon Gray Bird Totem Spell Feather Arrow Totem Spell Feather Arrow Vivid Garden Black Cut Black Flash Control Sanction Black Soul White Soul Sickle Hook Deadly Slash Ground Drill Burst Cut Spiral Energy Axe Impact Drill Overload Mutant Leech Fluid Parasitic Blue Cochineal Vile Cloud Chemical Reactor Madness Medicine High-speed Charge Test Hammer Fracture Hammer Catapult Overload Emission Energy Scrap Throw Diamond Prowess Diamond Prowess Storm Eight Immortals: Drink Eight Immortals: Drunk Demon Palm Spirit Sword Polar Ice Flourish Bow 2 Flourish Bow 3 Dragon: Invitation Dragon: Booze Dragon: Hysterics Tiger: Gyro Tiger: Flying Lotus Steel Drill Attack Pulse Axe Onslaught Venom Barrage Explosive Iron Hammer Wheel Attack Annihilation Bomb Pulse Sword Sacrifice Underworld Lotus Grand Wine Power of Borrowing Hurricane Underworld Lotus Enchantment Fire Bite Flame Chomp Lightning Horn Lightning Thorn Inferno Combo Purgatory Death Penalty Electric Bite Thunder Claw Attack Flame Hit Flame Bite Impact Drill (Phase 2) Summon Triple Cut Bindings of Pain Spirits Dead Sea Voodoo Spell Mana Spring Flying Axe Swirl Bone Chisel Giant Chop Earth's Fury Fetters Magic Bomb Assault Group Arrow Desperate Rush Heaven's Wrath Wyvern Fight (Phase 2) Wyvern Fight (Phase 3) Opalescent Guardian Bloody Claw Sundering Cannon Nether Onrush Claw Strike Tearing Bite Firebreather Absorb Ground Slap Instigate Onslaught Dive Bomb