Strong Strike Pearl Prison Claw Strike Pounce Antler Rush Sleigh Crush Pounce Claw Strike Fierce Bloodclaw Mountain Shake Soaring Dragon Bloom Ultrasonic Radiation Ultrasonic Radiation Ultrasonic Radiation Tail Madness Energy Assault Boulder Assault Putrid Air Underworld Summon Wolf Bash Toxic Coil Curse Thunder Orb Wind Orb Ice Orb Doppelganger Magic Whirlwind Sacrificial Curse Star Offensive Arrow Volley Ragefire Wolf Soul Sacrifice Wolf Soul Hellfire Claw Wolf Soul Creeping Pain Flame Lord Aura Flame Lord Aura Flame Lord Aura Flame Lord Aura Toxic Coil Curse Reminder Strafe Aftershock Ice Shock Bloody Claw Fury Fist Dark Icebreaker Pearl Prison Pearl Prison Pearl Prison Pearl Prison Magic Attack Heroic Strike Wolf Soul Burst Raider's Bite Power Slash Normal Attack Raider Decree Raider's Orders Raider's Decree Inspiring Roar Mystic Display Fierce Howl Resurrection Totem Spell One-handed Strike Fury Fist Fury Fist Advance Teleport Gohn Special Blast Samul's Ultimate Whirlwind Normal Attack Normal Attack Normal Attack Way of the Pure Heart Spell Blast Conqueror's Sweep (Phase 2) Grieving Blow Grieving Blow Wolf Whistle Dragon Chop Sonic Cannon Elite Wolf Claw Shock Combo Elite Wolf Bash Wolf Soul Possession Normal Attack Normal Attack Sickle Hook Whirlwind Nature's Balm Ferrous Trap Cyclo-claw Whirlwind Whirlwind Normal Attack Normal Attack Sweep Wild Dragon Assault Wild Dragon Assault Immortal Guidance Dirt Spray Flame Shot Dark Shot Wolf Claw Arcane Confinement Sleigh Crush Cyclo-claw Sickle Hook Slash Sickle Hook Whirlwind Quick Grab Ultrasonic Radiation Ring of Darkness Mana Burst Evil Dawn Abyssal Leap Boulder Assault Nether Onrush Undead Abyss Nether Onrush Spear Charge Beast Charge Giant Smash Werewolf Dash Power Impact Hammer Cannon Rock Roll Rock Roll Wolf Bash Wolf Bash Flame Shot Phantasm Assault Fissure Chop Heroic Strike Heroic Strike Tombsword Bite Steel Claw Lion's Roar Energy Assault Quick Grab Horn Gore Dirt Spray Waning Moon Break Waning Moon Break Shave Shave Shave Power Chaser (Phase 2) Power Chaser (Phase 3) Instant Double Dragon Dance