Trample Electric Footprint Pulse Wave Electric Ray Quantum Guard Electro Explosion Ion Flow Spray Ion Flow Spray Radiate Annihilation Bomb Attraction Special Effect Missile Missile Missile Missile Electric Strike Chop, chop, chop! Whirling Beam Windcatcher Combo (Phase 1) Lightning Whip Lightning Thorn Lightning Aurora Thunder Summon Thunder Strike Lightning Trample Space Distortion Thunder Attack Thunder Summon Electromagnetic Field Vulture Grab Paralysis Space Distortion Fluid Chop Assassinate Precision Ragefire Explosion Flaming Rebirth Chop Hellfire Rain Cliff Wall Kindling Flame Wall Scintilla Twilight Slash Second Strike Fire Bite Flame Chomp Angry Trample Mighty Stomp Wyvern Spiral Wyvern Fight Wyvern Fight Wyvern Roar Searing Staff Strike Dragon Frenzy Dragon Firebomb Wyvern Eruption Purgatory Ruin Giant Tail Shock Magma Burst Doomsday Fire Rain Bug Legs Bug Legs Bug Legs Volcanic Eruption Ice Sword Hack Ice Sword Rebirth Chop Dust Blizzard Tundra Sweep Polar Rapier Icy Heart Icy Heart Zero Tears Scorn Charm Ice Ring Frozen Wilderness 5-Fist Tiger Style - Snare Summon a guardian - Melee Temporary Celestial Aegis Sundering Missile Ballista Shot Catapult Attack Powder Keg Ballista Shot Sky Portal Damage Heal Firecracker Sludge Tearing Bite Tearing Bite Ice Dragon Bolt Neck Sweep Ice Dragon Tail Swing Ice Arrow Rain Vicious Cold Snap Absolute Ice Armor Tearless Beheading Freezing Walk Ring Breath Ring Breath Vicious Cold Snap Vicious Cold Snap Vicious Cold Snap Hack Side Cut Acid Hunger Whirlwind Toxic Undergrowth Decaying Chop Hunger Enchantment Hack Decaying Chop Arcane Confinement Tearing Bite Tearing Bite Venom Swallow Infected Fang Croc Tail Swing Rot Poison Spray Rot Worm Violent Impatience Dive Attack Quick Retreat Rotten Bone Prison Infected Fang Infected Fang Cruel Stare Cold Shackles Chop Heavy Chop Extradition Chop Sadness Sigh Three Pass River Wings of the World Separation Corpse Dark Law Ray of Light Underworld Flash Madness Madness Tearing Bite Tearing Bite Mana Cannon Dark Claw Barbarians at the Gate Counter-attack Chaos Breath Treasures Galore