Soul Extinguish Stone Star Sword (Phase 2) Light Cannon Ragefire Lightning Scorpion Smash Scorpion Sweep Double Spit Lunge Big Wine Jug Attack Spirit Spray Whirling Jug Fateful Pressure Barbarian Sweep Rattler Dragon Powder Keg Struggle Swing Brutal Strike Pursue Assault Stealth Walk Flee From Death Heal Flash Assault Frigid Aura (Phase 3) Fist of Remembrance Shattering Spiral Drill Mountain Cone Assault Flying Mode - Bombing Sundering Missile Sundering Cannon Shattered Unshakable Mountain Spread 1-Fist Tiger Style - Deep Bellow 3-Fist Tiger Style - Blood Fang 5-Fist Tiger Style - Snare 9-Fist Tiger Style - Breaking Split Awareness - Sincerity Awareness - Sincerity Awareness - Sincerity Awareness - Caution 27-Fist Tiger Style - Sunfire 81-Fist Tiger Style - Descent 27-Fist Tiger Style - Sunfire 81-Fist Tiger Style - Descent Azure Spear Flowing Sword Unfulfilling Flow Moonfall Azure Sea Meteor Ceaseless Flow Ceaseless Flow Ceaseless Flow Serene Mirror Lotus Place a trap Wicked Seed Maddening Tune Faint Mist Faint Mist Constricting Coils Summoning Skill - Eight-Rift Procession Cherry Array Secret Art - Big Bug Bomb Calamity - Withering Aura Dark Moon (Phase 2) Pit Brawler Pit Brawler Thunderous Whirlwind Supersonic Fists Realm of a Thousand Blessings Sonic Mortar Magnetic Pull Lightning Step Silent Artifice Normal Attack Normal Attack Normal Attack Normal Attack Energy Assault Rejuvenation Chained to the Rocks Shattering Blow Tidal Bore - Quick Slash Thump Awareness - Caution Lethal Fist Energy Scrap Throw Overload Emission Reinforcements Summon Electromagnetic Generator Summon Shatter Cannon Manabreaker Cannon Overload Emission Flutter Light Cannon Ragefire Lightning Blazing Slice Blazing Chop Mass Poisoning Mass Poisoning Mass Poisoning Mass Poisoning Laser Ray Poison Explosion Hammer Windmill Hammer Windmill Laser Ray Laser Ray Laser Ray Shake Blood Creation Spinning Claw Chase Claw Single Claw Strike Induction Strike Charge Crit Magnetic Enchantment Venom Draw Sunder Weaken Vile Cloud Hammer Catapult Overload Overload Emission Energy Scrap Throw Hammer Windmill Frenzy Cut Thump Explosive Hammer Gravity Rush Infection Grenade Whirl Blitz Technical Fighter Frenzied Rip Flying Blade Deadly Dash Toxin Control Well Armed Ⅱ Light Chain Force Aura Inner Energy Cannon Absolute Space Distant Memory Destructive Compression Magnetic Flux Bomb