Serpent Snare Deer Stampede Pummeling Yeti Demon's Rancor Demon's Touch Occultist’s Will - Aerial Cunning Transference Grasping Spirits Dance of Death Crippling Bolt Vortex Dragon's Grasp Breaker Bolt Thunder Run Smite Searing Wake Star Sword Void Banishment Dark Moon - Gather Sword Salvo Cosmic Ripple Dark Moon - Break Lambent Bolt Retribution Pentastrike Tornado Sweep Grenade Ursid Elder - Charge Ursid Elder - Battle Stomp Ursid Elder - Triple Combo 1 Ursid Elder - Triple Combo 2 Ursid Elder - Triple Combo 3 Wind God - Normal Attack Six Wings - Spectral Charge Six Wings - Elemental Burst Six Wings - Combo 1 Six Wings - Combo 2 Six Wings - Combo 3 Greatbow - Triple Combo 1 Greatbow - Triple Combo 2 Greatbow - Triple Combo 3 Simple Anti-Air Strike Intermediate Anti-Air Strike Advanced Anti-Air Strike Supreme Anti-Air Strike Supreme Anti-Air Strike Rudimentary Fixed Strike Common Fixed Strike Advanced Fixed Strike Supreme Fixed Strike Supreme Fixed Strike Rudimentary Siege Striker Common Siege Striker Advanced Siege Striker Extreme Siege Striker Supreme Siege Striker Wild Winds Split Arrow Fireball Barrage Rain of Arrows Shoot Water Bomb Melee Protection - Charge Melee Protection - Battle Stomp Melee Protection - Triple Combo 1 Melee Protection - Triple Combo 2 Melee Protection - Triple Combo 3 Ranged Protection - Normal Attack Ranged Protection - Single-target Heal Ranged Protection - AOE Lacerating Strike Puncturing Blow Impact Drill (Phase 2) Punishment - Power Punishment - Oath Punishment - Claw True Lethal Fist Grasping Spirits Flat Chop Show of Affection Demon's Rancor Deterioration Mountain Cone Gate of Atrophy Roar Watering Watering Intimidate Void Cycle Enticement Cheat Medicinal Attack Soul Summon Brush Animatnion Fishbone Whirl Whirl Barbarian's Bite Recharge Thrust Tree Claw Sweep Dream Realm Attack Necrotic Attack Scorpion Smash Toxin Breath Grasping Chains Mountain Peaks Poison Attack Poison Whip Storm Steel Fist Element Attack Wood Attack Giant Chop Great Sword Swipe Punisher's Rage Wiltwood Spring Toxic Biogas Phantom Invasion Spine Shield Chaos Strike Life Draw Normal Attack Sickness Outbreak Normal Attack Disappear Jumping Onslaught Normal Attack Flee 5 Poison Knockback Awareness - Caution Bullet Large Bullet Lightning Skyraiser Fire Pillar I Hit I Kick Half Moon Strike Ring of Darkness Shattering Spiral Drill Electric Punch Quick Grab Overload Straight Stab Triple Chop Sweep Normal Attack Lower Cut Upper Cut Shockwave Vine Dance