Serpent Grasp Normal Attack Jab Foxfire Mantra Chop Spirit Fox Step Yin Yang Array Normal Attack Fire Searing Wake Straight Sting Four Seas Needle Fuzzy Clone Ride the Clouds Vex the Heavens Normal Attack Sweep Normal Attack Bursting with Energy Comet Searing Vengeance Mow Down Raging Tiger Moon in the Reflection Empty Split Cut Seal - Heaven's Cleansing Flowing Eddy Funeral Wyvern Tornado Archon's Deed Standby Guard Invitee Chamberlain's Sense Archon's Blessing Clear Obstacles Encyclopedia Hammer Cannon Gravity Shock Powerful Advance Fury Morph Wolf Howl Lunge Ground Smash Normal Attack Frigid Aura Dark Flame Burst Lightning Ball Leech Seed Lightning Shock Wand Shock Charged Stab Sonic Cannon Power Impact Fierce Howl Claw Sweep Werewolf Dash Fierce Claw Swipe Jade Willow Dance Crystal Waves Dance Golden Sparrow Dance Red Column Dance Coy Glance Tarot Card Lithe Stance Enchanting Dance Flying Lift Dragon's Retreat Sky Dragon Return Days Return Pentastrike Flicker Step Dragon's Retreat Lethal Break Thunder Run Dark Fox's Arrival Exuberant Creativity Art of Potstickers Flying Blades Hot & Spicy Stir Fry Due Poise Yank the Wok Intense Aroma Cunning Blade Crafting Demon Break Bow of Vitality Flee 4 Polar Red Deadly Dash Venom Blade Ensnaring Yin Yang Array Heroic Strike - Aerial Sundering Steel - Aerial Quick Thrust - Aerial Dragon's Grasp - Aerial Vortex - Aerial Iron Resolve Twilight Slash - Aerial Chain Sweep - Aerial Puncturing Blow - Aerial Iron Cyclone - Aerial Golden Chakras - Aerial Assassin's Haste - Aerial Twilight Slash - Aerial Second Strike Twilight Slash - Aerial Third Strike Twilight Slash - Aerial Fourth Strike Chain Sweep - Aerial Second Strike Veritas Third Strike Vanish Vanish Third Strike Fetters Punishment - Lock Phoenix Void Path Retribution Dark Moon Humidity King's Kiss Gluteal Assault Fishbone Whirl Death Swoop Merciless Strike - Aerial Gladius Throw - Aerial Extermination - Aerial - Aerial Deadly Dash - Aerial Extermination - Aerial Adrenaline - Aerial Merciless Strike Second Hit - Aerial Merciless Strike Third Hit - Aerial Merciless Strike 4 - Aerial Merciless Strike 5 - Aerial Merciless Final Strike - Aerial Merciless Strike 6 - Aerial Merciless Strike 7 - Aerial Merciless Strike 8 - Aerial Merciless Strike 9 - Aerial Turret Bombardment Arctonyx Bite Arctonyx Bite Arctonyx Bite Arctonyx Bite Sea Tyrant Arctonyx Bite Arctonyx Bite Blade Rake Blade Slash Shockwave Blade Quick Slash (Phase 3) Plant Incarnate Wild Chop (Phase 2) Spear Charge Jump Slash Deathly Vortex Undead Abyss Summon Rabbit Lambent Bolt - Aerial