Trample Void Banishment Holy Vortex Energy Bomb Grievous Defeat Ⅱ Fleeting Shadow Corrosive Blades Wand Swipe Quick Slash (Phase 1) Wand Swipe Hunter's Light Liquid Spray Corrosive Sting Cunning Eggs Taut Silk Taut Silk Stage II Spider Mob Normal Attack Mid Moon Heroic Strike (Phase 1) Struggle Strike Dark Imprisonment Vengeful Spirit's Corrosion Dark Aegis Forbidden Wheel Normal Attack Balanced Practitioner Rolling Cask Rolling Cask Solace Phantasm Sweep the Temple Exploding Cask Normal Attack Phantom Rush Leaping Slash Splendor Sword Storm Normal Attack Quick Slash (Phase 2) Heroic Strike Stage 2 Life Infusion Stars Sanction Resurrection Normal Attack Thunder Shell Skypiercer Skybreaker Second Slash Parry Advancing Fountain Blade Dancer Normal Attack Rumbling Roar Slide Tremendous Stomp Sunder the Mountain Test Normal Attack Grenade Heroic Strike (Phase 3) Valiant Charge Shield of the Virtuous Spring Gale Serenade Deep Blue Gaze Normal Attack Expelling Trigger Move Deathly Smite Pulse Wave Sword Lock Shot Mechanical Beast Vise Guided Missile Normal Attack Proximity Mine - Stun Power to Will Force Aura Absolute Territory Electromagnetic Storm Normal Attack Ferrous Trap Shield Protection Purification Ignite Weaken Flashing Rapid Clip Healing Art Meditation Skill Resurrection Punish Teleport Spectral Magpie Feather Wave Falling Feather Enchant Meteor Normal Attack Leaping Porpoise Breaking Edge Poke of Death Wraith Orb Root Totem JumP Normal Attack Falling Sakura Sickle Hook Swinging Blow Vulture Grab Reaper's Whirlwind Normal Attack Serpent Snare Leaping Slash Intrepid Whirlwind Slash Brutal Expanse Normal Attack Nature's Balm Lambent Bolt Charged Arrow Struggle Free Split Arrow Thousand Horse Chase Normal Attack Creeping Pain Flowing Wings Attack Wild Wind's Embrace Arrow Barrage Fly Up Myriad Feathers Normal Attack Freezing Arrows Rain of Arrows Deathly Entanglement Storm of Arrows Normal Attack Occultist's Gift Fire Blast Drill Lunge Ground Drill Attendant's Deed Massage Healing Wind Wholly Unsullied Cube Teleportician Cube Teleportician Cube Teleportician Unspoken Harmony Attendant's Care Festive Fireworks