Blue Bubble Strike Green Bubble Strike Red Clip Yellow Clip Blue Clip Green Clip Fruit Bun Carrot Enticement Protective Shield Protective Shield Recharge Recharge Ragefire Shot Ragefire Shot Heroic Strike Heroic Leap Conqueror's Sweep Tornado Sweep Broken Array Light Shield Banana Throw Putrid Air Eat Fury Fist One-handed Strike Boulder Assault Vanguard's Blessing Fearless Concentrate Iron Resolve Brush Animatnion Brush Animatnion Summon Puppy Conqueror's Sweep Second Hit Light Shield Counterattack Light Shield Second Hit Denizens of the Tower I got stuck! Giddyup! Solid as Metal Ⅰ Poison Resistant Ⅰ Solid as a BoulderⅠ Graceful Swan Ⅰ Disappearing Act Ⅰ Wall of Steel Ⅰ Grievous Defeat Ⅰ Well Armed Ⅰ Solid as Metal ⅠⅠ Poison Resistant Ⅱ Solid as a BoulderⅠ Graceful Swan Ⅱ Disappearing Act Ⅱ Relentless Hurricane Heaven's Wrath - Thunder God Blazing Charge Smite Sundering Steel Heaven's Wrath - Ascendant Solid as Metal ⅠⅠ Heroic Strike Siege Beast Beast General Serpentaur Grandmaster Hellgrazer Leviathan Spider King Warped Coney Foulwort Lucy in Disguise Wolf King Earkus Indomitable Will Lightning Blast Holy Vortex Dauntless Spirit Gods' Blessing - Retribution Gods' Blessing - Wall of Iron Shield Storm Gods' Blessing - Support Vanguard Special Skill Soul Release Medium-Range Bubble Medium-Range Bubble Long-Range Bubble Woof! Recharge Struggle Free Full Sweep (New) Transformation - Animal Transformation - Fish Transformation - Cute Pet Transformation - Cute Pet Transformation - Single Dog Growth Attack Yellow Warden's Strength Normal Attack Bombardment Bombardment Head Wagging Heavy Mortar Heavy Mortar Little Bee Butterfly Venom Silk Swinging Lash Heavenward Leap Corroding Heart Great Haste Rapacious as Fire Unshakable Mountain Glorious Invigoration Lambent Bolt Lightning Orb Angel Fire Searing Wake Elemental Rhythm Cold Shackles Evil Beam Multi-stab Entanglement Cunning Step Frigid Aura Lambent Step Star Sword Celestial Aegis Celestial Aura Thump Sanctified Shield Ill Walk Sanctified Shield Cold Shackles (Phase 2) Lightning Orb (Phase 2) Shield Strike Scared the little lassie Scared the little fella Gallop Run, run! Corpse Maiden Frigid Aura Fourth Phase Lightning Orb (Phase 3) Healing Hand Kitchen God's Dignity Gallop Martial Instinct Armor Martial Instinct Armor Flash Set Frame Arcane Field Set Frame Bombardment Bubble Strike Dagger Flurry