Caw?! Ribbit?! Beetle Massacre Beetle Genocide Pest Exterminator You Would Kill a Koi?! Is Nothing Sacred Anymore? Rat Killer Rat Exterminator Aww, But They're So Cute... Goose Hunter Arachnophobe I Hate Snakes Animal Cruelty God Help Me Pest Destroyer World's Greatest Hunter Animal Terminator Full-time Hunter Total Extinction Trivia God Encyclopedic Knowledge Erudite Bookworm Close, But No Diploma I Read Good Time Traveler Any Door Dangerous Action Honey Locust Expert Sweetheart Lover It's a Zoo Out There! Dangerous Spider Queen Cute Guide Dashing Caninoid one piece Are You a GM? Morph Control Treasure Hunters' Respects Pen Pals I Have Friends All Over the Place Friends Across the Globe Teacher's Pet Nerd! Trivia Prodigy God of the Nerds Not as Smart as You Look More Brawn than Brains The Sword is Mightier than the Pen A+ Student Good Job, Poindexter Valedictorian Master's Teachings Where the Heart Is Hi, Mom! Complete Darkfall Special Skill Scholar Dungeon Crawler Special Skill Disciple Making Acquaintances Demonslayer By Trade Dream Chaser Par Excellence Deserted Shrine Helper Grand Bulwark Helper Mech Citadel Helper Altar of Swords Helper Flash Porter Facial Adjustment Expert Pure of Heart Dangerous Force Dragon Tamer Eternal Chasm Top Five Will of the Ancestral Dragon Dragon Slayer Apocalypse - Beginning Hand-in-Hand Cutie Squad Eternal Chasm Helper Tyrant Child Loser Child Graceful Warrior Ausgyth Know-It-All Socialite RO Global Support Club Ausgyth Summer Vehement Battler Vehement Heavenly Battler Vehement Celestial Battler Top-16 Battler Top-8 Battler Top-4 Battler Second Battler Champion Battler Top-16 Heavenly Battler Top-8 Heavenly Battler Top-4 Heavenly Battler Second Heavenly Battler Champion Heavenly Battler Top-16 Celestial Battler Top-8 Celestial Battler Top-4 Celestial Battler Second Celestial Battler Champion Celestial Battler Looking Good The fairest in all Ausgyth Heavenly Herdsman Eternal Chasm #1 Ausgyth - Emperor - Guardian Star Ausgyth - Marshal - Guardian Star Ausgyth - Warrior General - Guardian Star Know-it-All Magnificent Conqueror of Inner Demons Return to Sulan Star Velvet Verse Sulan Nights Frivolous Life Picturesque Landscape Great Minds Think Alike Whitecloud Mountains Shala Nim Peerless Magnificence Ausgythian Investigator - It's Elementary Ausgythian Investigator - It's Elementary Nimbus Keep Unique Design - Inventor Warm, Cozy, and Popular Adventurous - Beyond Expectation Intricate and Beautiful - Very Expensive Home Design Obsessed Home Design Expert Firefly Creek Love at First Sight Spring Warmth Apricots and Pears Majestic Lands Lora Parr Global Echelon: Battler of the Second Meet Vehement Heavenly Battler of the Second Meet Vehement Celestial Battler of the Second Meet Global Echelon: Top 16 of the Second Meet Global Echelon: Top 8 of the Second Meet Global Echelon: Top 4 of the Second Meet Global Echelon: Champion of the Second Meet Global Echelon: God of War of the Second Meet Top 16 Heavenly Battler of the Second Meet Top 8 Heavenly Battler Holy Echelon: Top 4 of the Second Meet Holy Echelon: Champion of the Second Meet