Achiever's Raiments (3) Armor Tinkerer Armor Aficionado Sink or Swim Rushing Headlong Sky High Over & Under Hard to Kill I Learned a Special Skill! Dash! Leap! Glide! Charge! First Equipment Change Level 65 Social Level 30 Social Level 40 Social Level 50 100 Hours Online Time 200 Hours Online Time Level 70 150 Hours Online Time 175 Hours Online Time 250 Hours Online Time Level 55 Social Level 10 Social Level 20 In the thick of it 50 Hours Online Time Novitiate Journeyman Wanderer Adventurer Bad Guesser Evenly Matched Eternal Struggle Special Achievement! Complete Tower (Challenge) Get On With It Self-Reliance Beast Mount Knight Skillful Avoidance Clear the Trap Help Ain't Coming No Sand in These Boots Ramp It Up Nary a Scratch Shield Breaker Trampoline Expert Valley Protector (Trial) Valley Protector (Normal) Status Expert (Trial) Status Expert (Normal) Structure Expert (Normal) Spider Egg Hunter Status Expert (Hard) Structure Expert (Hard) Escape Artist Heaven's Blessing Earkus A Helping Hand Close Calls A Walk in the Hall Time-tested Rejection Power Output Experimental Form Final Ceremony Purification Urgon's Weakness Broken Mace Broken Hammer Sand Resistant Earkus's Weakness Sacrifice upon Sacrifice Single-Minded Attack Middle of the Pack Forest of Totems Crate Breaker Complete Altar of Swords (Easy) Complete Altar of Swords (Hard) Finish Altar of Swords (Expert) Complete Altar of Swords (Expert) Perfect Completion - Altar of Swords Conqueror - Altar of Swords Altar of Swords Accomplishment Altar of Swords Champion Hell Shrine - Expert Hell Bulwark (Expert) Hell Altar of Swords (Expert) The Heaven's Wrath of Clawmaster Buri The Heaven's Wrath of Urgon The Heaven's Wrath of Gohn Bite Back Bouncing off the Walls Heavenly Herbs Like a Phantom Wielder of Special Skills Grand Bulwark Top 5 I Can Fly! Flying High More Wings Than a Flock of Birds Can See All of Ausgyth From Here Delicious Reverie Sealbreak Ultimate Tower (Challenge) Black Warden's Concern Resurrector Frivolity & Vice Sealbreak Sight-seeing: Sulan Harbor Sight-seeing: Eventide Bay Sight-seeing: Black Altar Sight-seeing: Snowpine Reach Sight-seeing: Immortal Annex Sight-seeing: Ersich Forest Sight-seeing: Bearwold Sight-seeing: Chaffon Villa Renaissance Bear Summoner of Dragons Dog Eat Dog World Sight-seeing: The Black Hamlet Sight-seeing: Mech Citadel Sight-seeing: Iron Precipice Fort Sight-seeing: Scavenger's Borough Sight-seeing: Wheat Field Sight-seeing: Imperial City From Rags to Riches Taking Care of Business Ten's a Charm Massacre (White Warden) Without Fear (Black Warden) Self-Made Hoarder Big Spender Regular Customer Our Best Client No Fooling Around Burning Money Eh? Humans? Wow! Humans! Thank You For Taking Me Home Sulan VIP Frequent Visitor Darkfall Scenery Let's check out the harbor! What a magnificent sight! A huge wheat field! If you love her, take her to see Chaffon Spring You are the wind and I am sand There used to be a dragon here Are you cold? Lush and verdant