Green Warden Level 6 Serpent Demon Wine Level 26 Upgrade skill to level 6 Upgrade Special Skill to level 4 Gold Dolor Leaf Mark Level 3 Soul Grid 5 Divine Power Attributes 120,000 Total Might Auction House Funland Earrings Day1 Day2 Day3 Day5 Day7 Day10 Day15 Badge Guild Special Skill Cultivation Level 45 Gold Equipment Enlightenment I Can Fly! Deserted Shrine Journeyman Wanderer Battlefield Tower Floor 5 Complete (Trial) Level II Golden Eagle Adventurer Where the Heart Is Spider in the Misty Hollow Peerless Champion of Ausgyth Level 1 Demon Level 2 Demon Level 3 Demon Level 4 Demon Level 5 Demon Level 6 Demon Level 7 Demon Level 8 Demon Level 9 Demon Level 10 Demon Level 11 Demon Level 12 Demon Level 13 Demon Level 14 Demon Level 15 Demon Novice Sealer Sealer Initiate Sealer Expert Renowned Sealer Advanced Sealer Ausgyth Player Ausgyth Idol Infuse it with your Essence Craft 37 pieces of Gold Equipment Equip a Rebirth Crystal Level 2 Soul Grid Activate Dao Focus Super Genius Love at First Sight Hopeless Slacker Spooky Ghost Voidwalker Grade II Adventurer Grade III Adventurer Grade IV Adventurer Grade V Adventurer Complete 5 Tasks Equip Chaos Crystal Equipping a Soul Grid Panel Look Behind You Joy of Double Date! Madcap Rumble! Super Party! Gift Winner Gift Grabber Gift Terminator Character Harem Fishing Follower Fishing Expert Fishing Master Impatient Angler Scavenger Specialist Salvager Specialist Emptiness is All There Is Armed to the Teeth Legendary Fisherman One of the Best Forward! Angler Cup! You Can Do It! Angler Cup! You Did It! Angler Cup! Seize the opportunity Lord of Exploration Demon Expert Secret Treasure Expert Expert Tracker I Found It! All Over the Map Crafting Book Together We Can Accomplish Anything Smell Ya Later How About a Hug? Take on the World Together Tough Love Best Buds Best Friends Forever Letting Them Win I've Got Your Back Friends and Comrades Brothers in Arms Bound to the Same Fate Debutante Gentleman Maktar Swordmage's Friend Swordmage's Honesty Swordmage's Sincerity Swordmage's Bond Vanguard's Friend Vanguard's Honesty Deserted Shrine Top 5 Vanguard's Bond Gunslinger's Friend Gunslinger's Honesty Gunslinger's Sincerity Gunslinger's Bond Occultist's Friend Occultist's Honesty Occultist's Sincerity Occultist's Bond Spirit Shaper's Friend Spirit Shaper's Honesty Spirit Shaper's Sincerity Spirit Shaper's Bond Blademaster's Friend Blademaster's Honesty Blademaster's Sincerity Blademaster's Bond The Most Fashionable Wardrobe Forever Young Medicine's For Sissies Miraculous Return Dream Thief