Occultist Sacred Item Injured Sister Injured Sister Purifying Jade World Marker Possessed Big Brother Test Revenant Xor Void Shadow Sterling Whitesail Advance and defeat third wave Soldier Hero Soul Trigger Marker Hero Soul Trigger Marker Thunderous Rift Thunderous Rift Suspicious Character Suspicious Character Interrogated Merchant Suspicious Place Unusual Thunder Ore Unusual Thunder Ore Wall Rift Enchantess Nur Wall Rift Injured Guard Guard Guard Guard Resources Didek Unsai Playful Child Repho Itgeve Oatjugu Hefae Atdre Tuju Bobi Gicla Placed weapon Corvath Mehel Maintenance Point Maintenance Point Yar Urso Maintenance Point Placement Point Placement Point Placement Point Unstable Thunder Ore Lonely Warrior Injured Stalwart Protege Injured Stalwart Protege Injured Stalwart Protege Injured Stalwart Protege Injured Stalwart Protege Boulder Observation Point Boulder Observation Point Trapped disciple Trapped disciple Trapped disciple Injured Disciple Injured disciple Injured Disciple Horse Trough Injured disciple Placement Point Enchantment Fault Deceased Deceased Pan Dak Guardian Mountain Corps Solemn Talisman Solemn Talisman Solemn Talisman Terra Basic Assassin disciple Basic Assassin disciple Search for tracks of missing disciples Dead disciple Sweep the Snow Sweep the Snow Sweep the Snow Scorpion Hide Extraction Point Scorpion Hide Placement Point Noethar Scorpion Hide Box Anima Blossom Anima Blossom Anima Blossom Spirit Deer Elder Myrna Muse Zovys Dax Rampaging Mech Ursid Coolie Red Horse Male Zombie Male Zombie Female Zombie Male Zombie Female Zombie Male Zombie Female Zombie Great Sword Gambler Ma Pricklepaw Grandmother Child Secret Party Urgon Great Sword Follower Follower Follower Follower Butcherton Soldier Horse Search for injured Spirit Beasts Cheers Marker Infested Anima Blossom Pregnant Spirit Beast Bird Language Interpreter Transform disciple Spirit Shaper Brother You all, hide yourselves now! Pregnant Spirit Beast Pregnant Spirit Beast Search for the vain hen Parrot Locre Unasor Find the Vicious Beasts Ausgyth Soldier Bun Portal Search the Snow Monster Search for the youngster Pastille Pot Divine Stone Mava Moor Investigate the peculiarity. Gate of Tribulations Find the Snow Ape Villager monument monument monument Sweep the Snow Vergass Eogath Rampyr Ares Highfroth Elynn Cask Ares Highfroth Cleo Solsword