Pella Shinygold Wall Surface Shinji Mettagar Urgon Urgon Mysterious Visitor Village Gate Boy Daughter Officer Gunnagal Follower Follower Follower Follower Mona Friedbart Fleeing Soldier Player Male Male Uncle Honor Guard Girl Little Violet Go to other tribe Ashby Read Pick poisonous fruit Mettagar Old Beast King Old Beast King Wild Beast Old Beast King Old Beast King Officer Defeat the Beast King Elder Wild Beast Dummy Wild Beast Officer Men Herald Mutineer Dancing Shoes 2 Wild Beast Officer Lynx Men Officer Geological Survey Sample (3) Officer Sky Ritual Drummer Beast King Lemur Father Enchanted Monster Wild Beast Wild Beast Sky Ritual Drummer Resting Qazri Expelling Black Changer Wild Beast Thaldor Wild Beast Recruitment Army Mark of the Beast King Take the Throne Mark of the Beast King NPC1 Wild Beast Wild Beast Snuffler Elk Squirrel Fulques Burke Tortoise Mark of the Beast King Sleep Find Darkfall Find Prison Door Mettagar Snuffler Elk Squirrel Dryad Tortoise Guardian Disciple Lemur Snuffler Elk Squirrel Dryad NPC5 Wild Beast Wild Beast Wild Beast Dattaren Elk Demon Wolf Lemur Snuffler Elk Tortoise Tortoise Snuffler Elk Wild Beast Watchman Wild Beast Watchman Numen Brambus Mutineer Follower Elk Listening to Orders Mutineer Follower Mutineer Follower Wild Beast Wild Beast Wild Beast Beast King Script Snuffler Elk Snuffler Elk Tortoise Elder Tortoise Snuffler Elk Young Adept Quin Script Snuffler Facing Front Elk Facing Front Elk Facing Front Library Elder Arctonyx After Transformation 1 Green After Transformation 1 Hit Deer After Transformation 1 Arctonyx After Transformation 2 Green After Transformation 2 Hit Deer After Transformation 2 Become the Beast King Enter Time Shard Enter Time Shard Special Effect Fence Changgus Vile Taurus Arctonyx Herald Lemur Mark of the Beast King Special Effect