Qazri Soldier General Arachnian Priest Arachnian Scout Demonslayer Captain Qazri Soldier Gunnagal Gunnagal Sarlix Sarlix Gunnagal Wounded Spider Guard Wounded Spider Guard Falmari Soldier Wounded Spider Guard Demonslayer Ophidian Demonslayer Demonslayer Morph Marker Teleport Marker Energy Portal Spider Spider Spider Spider Dark Layla Sarlix Seal Array Demonslayer Captain Harry Bloodpaw Viper Crystal Golden Wyrm Scaled Armor Shard Chef Fox Grandpa Zorn Aunt Rae Mimi Lam Furstrider Kam Furstrider Tam Furstrider Inspection Point Scholar Mech Demonslayer Demonslayer Demonslayer Demonslayer Carved Tree Seftei Ogano Eastern Wealth Western Celebration Rachus the Blessed Northern Riches Enchantess Nur Construction Point Tansy Poots Akuta Mumbly Tavern Patron Immortal Annex Master Abyssal Follower Namika Mipsie Winnie Liat Moorfell Winnie's Father Corpse Alrek Pitts Screenshot 12 Zambo Companion Companion Companion Companion Jae Redtree Jae Redtree Rollie Doctor Doctor Jae Redtree Dispatched Hyphaean Knock Awakened Grandfather Sympathy Letter Sympathy Letter Package Enter Exit Go Look Cremini Smoke Jae Redtree Leo Haga Hyphaean Warrior Hyphaean Team Leader Frostpike Sergeant Frostpike Sergeant Inventory Item Collected Things Assemble Go to Battlefield Wounded Hyphaean Wounded Hyphaean Wounded Hyphaean Treatment Sergeant Treatment Sergeant Floris Go Look Inventory Item 2 Inventory Item 3 Frostpike Sergeant Big Package Frostpike General Marker - Roast Meat Passenger Forest Corps Member Beauty Milton Starlake Blade Servant Akuta Akuta Portal Special Effect Raza Pants Vanila Vel Harlan Windvale Akuta Sea Spirit Passenger Fusco Syn Kira Fade Shinji Cooking Legend Blade Servant Marker West Gate Flutter Winnie's Mother Bear Cub Wilson Easton Elfwort Gravimyces Morelina Idiomycetes Greedwort Dimwort Floating Shroom Cotol Myces Bighead Morelis Mage Resident Resident