Mana Dream Maiden Imprisonment Effect Guard Afar Guard Guard Guard Hallowblade Elite Soldier Robust Tent Shinji Royal Herald Lieutenant Devar Royal Herald Carsera Lau Carsera Lau Shinji Mountain Carsera Lau Shinji Shinji Shinji Iron Precipice Scout Knocked Down Soldier Shinji Imperial City Envoy Shinji Carsera Lau Shinji Carsera Lau Mountain Carsera Lau Shinji Uncle Havel Shinji Uncle Havel Sick Royal Child Wounded Royal Child Imperial City Messenger Slayer Portal Shinji Royal Child Royal Child Royal Child Uncle Havel Shinji Lau Shinji Lau Clean Portal Altar Assassin Shinji Lau Shinji Lau Moongazer Moongazer Shinji Trials Area Shinji Caz Galen Lau Moongazer Shinji Shinji Traveling Merchant Sandstorm Traveling Merchant Sand Castle Seher Hot Woman Captain Manager Manager Boss Stove Stranger Hot Water Boss Stranger Guest Room Door Hideout Boss Shinji Manager Pecking Vulture Scattered Puppet Line Shinji Altar of Swords Front Mountain Altar of Swords Entrance Caz Galen Shinji Shinji Altar of Swords Trial 1 Shinji Marker Shinji Altar of Swords Trial 2 Broadsword One Empty Slot Broadsword Two Empty Slots Open Shinji Shinji Wind Shinji Altar of Swords End Shinji Lau Shinji Wind Carsera Lau Mountain Carsera Lau Wind Shinji Carsera Lau Carsera Lau Akuta Akuta Open Open Open Akuta Carsera Lau Shinji Namika Imperial Shrine Magic Array Puzzle Open Black Celestial Weapon Green Celestial Weapon Red Celestial Weapon White Celestial Weapon Marker Namika Moongazer Shinji Akuta Namika Namika Moongazer Moongazer Akuta Akuta Makato's Soul Akuta Makato