Inou Lase Pobi Esor Moonbud Bean Bag Manuscript of Tidewater History Garo Aus Book Table Darkscale Corpse Darkscale Corpse Entu Gecla Griffon's Perch Monument Cannon Fragment Black Warden’s Shrine Black Warden’s Shrine Geis Soqtmo Uncle White Kypeor Obsove Imperial Guard Onsta Faac Heasar Heen Orfa Guolnola Submit Small Cabbage Sulan Resident Sasha Heor Resident Resident Overnight Dead Villager Resident Seifer Lionmane Uncle Search for Letter Dead Villager Pepin Cannon Saro Fulsor Net Cage Villager Villager Soldier Fruit Crate Dead Villager Rigt Kranas Wooden Table Loli Damaged Wall Adult Blademaster Elfwort Sick Guard Reor Cecla Empty Water Jug Stephan Ashton Bius Loon Hyphaean Mage Water Tank Udla Enzithi Lothian Qarin IV Hot Springs Boiled Egg Noorlein Kya Wooden Box Phoebe Alden Mountain Corps Disciple Straw Serra Oceanfell Pien Nabo Wounded Hyphaean Board Neta Folo Materials Seller Milten Noonan Gesi Tuesta Success Marker Point Gunnagal - Post Battle Mova Tutenoro Grocer Expel chicken back to nest Hold chicken in nest Imperial Logistics Officer Ostoco Tile Atcra Eson Floris Dattaren Asloud Osinpe Uncle Four Imperial Frontier Taskboard Model Qysa Faet Model Succubus Songrom Faet Escort Marker Point Model Jarel Fisc Raghnall Alby Byron Elton Cray Morif Patton Wheatleigh Radley Appleton Moltar Ironfist Ella Penney Prescott Huxley Elman Nutlea Sonia Wither Joselyn Burton Model Model Defending Army Camp Model Zanis Korr Model Gabla Daemaer Model Model Model Swordmage Disciple Model Inn Guest Chaos Ore Patrol Point Inn Guest Swordmage Disciple Inn Guest Swordmage Disciple Divine Overlook Disciple Mushroom Pharmacist Eventide Bay Resident Chef Fox Island Nation Submit Food Mana Tuis Lanave Yellow Warden Biggs Honeypaw Mana Divine Overlook Disciple Auction Attendant Sherwin Pelham Leave Wine Cellar Urgon Dudley Smith Grachus Lau Noisy Lady Min Seatide Palmer Swett Marker 3 Screen Sasha Namika