A testimony to friendship Collect at maximum level Collect at maximum level + complete May be collected without maxing levels + complete Estival Battle May be collected without maxing out levels + may only be completed at maximum level Upgrade Guild Crystal Mine Bound Duty - Test Journey: Demon of the Seal Sisterly Love Love and Hate Leaving and Mistakes Rochin's Gift Urgent Fortification Blessings Future Honor Your Duty Fate's Course Upgrade Guild House Hidden Room - Frightening Discovery Barrens Superstition - Total Shock Enjoy rolling Rainbow Eggs Love and Hate Mistakes and Goodbyes Trusted Partner Nori's Exhortation Roar of the Swamp Handmade Equipment Intimacy Cycle Test Quest - 7 to 8 Intimacy Cycle Test Quest - 8 to 9 The Chronicles of Ausgyth The Chronicles of Ausgyth Yeti Battle - Complete Battlefield The Chronicles of Ausgyth The Chronicles of Ausgyth Handmade Equipment The Chronicles of Ausgyth Rel the Troublesome Rel the Troublesome Rel the Troublesome Mentor Level 59 Test of A Mentor - Level 69 Test of A Mentor - Level 79 The Faerie Inn is now open to the public Gunslinger Technology: Marionettes Monsterslaying: In the Mountains No Defense Against Inside Job Repair a Lift Crane Repair a Lift Crane Lore of the Realms To Kill a Great Worm Barrens Superstition - Calamity Roar of the Peaks Bounty: Hunt and Courier Soar through the sky! Let the ultimate speed test begin! Life of Death - Infatuation Mortality * Tombstone Fruits Mortality * Taking It Easy Mortality * Returning Fruits Mortality * Mission Accomplished Mortality * Goodbye for Now Mortality * Trouble Again Mortality * Defeat the Ghosts Mortality * All for Nothing Bounty Hunter - Entree Mortality * Bizarre Choreography Misplaced Bag Forage Wood Cooking Techniques An Old Friend Copper Mirror Going Forward Face in the Mirror Sweet Memories On Her Mind Unrequited Love Medicine Thousand-leaf Violet Love and Hate This is Goodbye No Regrets Mortality * The Fox Immortal Mortality * Young Man Again Three Years Fish Soup Annoying Drunk Drinking Together - Unbearable Drink Together - Help a Man Drink Together - Draft Order Drink Together - The Argument Drinking Together - Looking for an Old Friend Drinking Together - All that Remains Drinking Together - Endless Aspirations Drinking Together - Looking at the Land Drinking Together - Keeping a Promise Drinking Together - Cheers! Drinking Together - Heart's Content Drinking Hero - Who is a Hero Drinking Together - Boss with a Heart Drinking Together - Down on One's Luck Soar through the sky! Let the ultimate speed test begin! Chance Meeting: Game Time Chance Meeting: Pure Anger Chance Meeting: Pure Anger Coincidental Test Chance Meeting: No Expenses Spared Chance Meeting: Old Horse Knows the Way Lady Culm * Looking for her Husband Out-of-Town Inquiry Missing in the Grove Insect Venom Herbal Treatment Token of Engagement Simultaneous Proposals Crowded Courtyard Not Know Good from Bad Damsel of the Grove Polymorphed Aristocrat Caught in the Middle Fooled Again Baldy and a Comb A Man Obsessed Pleading Old Man Bow to Your New Master True Form Aristocratic Encounter True Form Parental Love Favor: Northern Wolf Iron Ore Crowded Courtyard Crowded Courtyard Handmade Equipment The Search for Jade Grove Clogs Mocking Monk Anger Humiliation Unbelievable Favor: Northern Wolf Specialty Old Horse - Improvements Horse-Peddling Stableman Horse Merchant Celebratory Toast Truth Revealed Help from Six Branches Horse Whisperer Serious Intents Only Serious Intents Only Serious Inquiries Only