Haunted Farm: Volopines A and B Haunted Farm: Peculiar Wine Jug Haunted Farm: Candid Moongazer Haunted Farm: Consolation Chat Haunted Farm: Bittersweet Sorrows Haunted Farm: Truth Revealed Haunted Farm: Something Smells Fishy Haunted Farm: Suspicious Behavior Truth from Falsehood: Reinitiate Rebirth Truth from Falsehood: Heartbroken Phantasmal Butterfly King of Bloodhorn Queen of Charm Grand Sire Fox King The New Fox King: Bull by the Horn Wondrous Magic Grass Use magic salves to heal wounds. Enigma of the Sunken Galleon Helpless Caravan Knowledge Test: Reciprocity Blindsided by disaster. Tiniest of clues. Search for footprint. Over & Under Return lost goods. A Stable Base - Barrel Mending Knowledge Test: Demon Banishment Expansion Captured Bandit Special Skills? Minions Pet Task Upgrade the Noble Treasury Comforting Residents - Fine Barbecue Comforting Residents - Hot Egrets Knowledge Test: Battle Royale Comforting Residents - Beautiful Liquor Comforting Residents - Lovely Towels Comforting Residents - Chilled Fruits Upgrade the Noble Treasury Bounty Specialty Trading Bounty: Artisan Artificer Bounty Specialty Trading Treasure Hunters - Treasure searching in the Galleon Run, Brother! (Weekly Competition) Run, Brother! (Weekly Competition) Upgrade the Noble Treasury Upgrade the Noble Treasury Lore: Boss' Troubles Treasure Hunters - Fun in the Zoo Scenic Chronicles: Manuscript of Tidewater History Scenic Chronicles: Immortal Monument Upgrade the Noble Treasury Scenic Chronicles: Darkscale Core Scenic Chronicles: Gunslinger Datalogger Core Guild Resources - Stone Gathering Scenic Chronicles: Inscriptions at Griffon's Perch Scenic Chronicles: Sword of Void Light Scenic Chronicles: Hermit’s Drunkenness Upgrade Guild Materials Stall Scenic Chronicles: Karstad Frostwood Scenic Chronicles: Egret Pinion Guild Resources - Stone Gathering Scenic Chronicles: Snowy Silver-Grass Blossoms Scenic Chronicles: Attentive Student More Room for Contrast Scenic Chronicles: Fixing the Seat Upgrade Guild Materials Stall Scenic Chronicles: Offering Scriptures Scenic Chronicles: Truth Behind Water Guild Resources - Stone Gathering Scenic Chronicles: Heaven’s Blessings Scenic Chronicles: Power of the Array Scenic Chronicles: Shrine of Memories Scenic Chronicles: Wand of Silence Scenic Chronicles: Wishes Coming True Guild Resources - Stone Gathering Scenic Chronicles: Naughty Rollie Scenic Chronicles: Joy of Blessings Scenic Chronicles: Memories of the Past Initial Arrival Sharp Words Friends Together A Foolish Father Enlistment in Snowpine Peaks Good Times Powerful Wife Holy Namika The Black Warden Secrets of the Cabal Neither Heads Nor Tails Namika's Confusion Fierce Controversy The Wishing Tree Gathering Wishes Elder Lamm Mo Fragrant Resin Praying Ceremony Pure Cleansing Protect My Lampyr Creek Return of Ophidian Gathering Shadows When It Rains It Pours Crisis on Every Side Convincing Those in Danger Secrets of Ancient Times Turbulent Era - On A Mission Turbulent Era - Unknown Whereabouts Turbulent Era - A Mission One Cannot Refuse Turbulent Era - Masters of the Guardians Turbulent Era - A Mission in Danger Turbulent Era - Dust To Dust Discordant Tunes - A Prearranged Meeting Discordant Tunes - Ardent Sister Discordant Tunes - Bloody Shadows Discordant Tunes - The Situation Changes Discordant Tunes - Driving Out Demons Discordant Tune - Thunderous Might Discordant Tunes - Nest of Darkscale Discordant Tunes - A Violent Struggle Discordant Tunes - Defeating the Encampment Discordant Tunes - Game of Shadows Discordant Tunes - Whereabouts Unclear Discordant Tune - Doubts Creeping In Discordant Tunes - Clouds of Doubt Run, Brother! Discordant Tunes - Unrepentant Pure Skies Invitation From A Priest Array Core Borrowing the Array Core Persuading the Master Rushing To Your Aid Hard To Tell All Prepared Playing with Fire Danger Has Arrived Celestial Weapons of the Five Wardens Final Destination Repair the Array Core A Promise Made Everyone United A Faint Light Apocalypse Redux The Last Battle Past Entanglements - Deep Affection Past Entanglements - Matters Long Ago Past Entanglements - Gentle Protection