The Great Era Trials Apply for the Chef position. Apply for the Attendant position. Apply for the Guild Executive position. Apply for the Dancer position. Apply for reappointment to the Chef position. Apply for reappointment to the Attendant's position. Apply for reappointment to the Guild Executive's position. Apply for reappointment to the Dancer's position. Learn how to use Crafting Social Level and Skill Level The Functions of Social Attributes What is Craft Book Production, Manufacturing and Identification Technique for filtering Main Map information Primer on Adventuring in the World Upgrade Guild Tower of Loyalty Mid-autumn Festival - Mysterious Flavors Fishing Apprentice Title Fishing Proficiency Title Fishing Specialist's Title Fishing Master's Title Teamwork: Builder Initiated Teamwork: Send Information Teamwork: All for One, One for All Setup Life Components Curious Events: Interesting Applications Curious Events: Realm of Fantasy Curious Events: Delicious Peach Broth Curious Events: Fish Party Curious Events: New Kelp Wine Curious Events: Wedded Bliss in Star Velvet Curious Events: Civet the Candy Addict Add Friend Curious Events: Visiting the Master Curious Events: Odd Snack Join a Guild Mythos Equip the construction equipment Equipment identification Scenic Chronicles Begin the Way of the Guide Skill Cultivation: Top Combatant Skill Cultivation: Firey Skills Skill Cultivation: Total Control Skill Cultivation: Better than Most Skill Cultivation: A Force To Reckon With Skill Cultivation: The Key To Mastery Mid-autumn Festival - Mysterious Flavors Baby Steps Cultivate Skills A Master's Early Days - Darkfall Turning a New Leaf Soul Grid Equipment Divine Power Activation: Soul Grid Combine Fragments: Soul Grid Into the Sunken Galleon Path of Novitiate The Sunken Galleon: The Trial Begins Equipment Enhancement Inner Sanctum of the Shrine Try and Try Again Hot Springs - Acumen Earth Veneration - Soul Grid Celestial Soldier Misty Hollow Celestial Soldier: Prowess Journeyman Path The Oneiric Trials Trials: Growth Power Source: Soul Grid Golden Equipment Refinement Grand Bulwark Celestial Soldier * Forging The Wanderer Path Beneath the Tower of Pain Testing: Forward Courageously Tower of Pain (Trial) Awakening - Soul Grid Splendid Suit Off With His Tail! - Darkfall The Power of the Soul Grid Showdown with Urgon: The Shrine Better With Friends - Darkfall Adventurer Path Vision - Reborn Edict - New Page Edict - New Page Edict - New Page Edict - New Page Edict - New Page Vision - Resurfacing Revelation Revelation - Final Meeting Revelation - Carnival Adventurer's Secrets An Incident - Request from Amanita Hamlet The Four Kings: Look Before You Leap Auction Markets - Purchasing Celestial Soldier: Wood Components Understanding Guilds Call of the Guardians New World Order: Joyful Growth New World Order: Helping Hand Hot Pursuit Path of Trial: Novitiate Path of Trial: Journeyman Path of Trial: Wanderer Path of Trial: Adventurer Path of Trial: Intrepid Path of Trial: Conqueror Breakthrough: Novitiate Breakthrough: Journeyman Breakthrough: Wanderer Breakthrough: Adventurer Breakthrough: Intrepid Breakthrough: Conqueror Initial Skill Cultivation Intermediate Skill Cultivation Advanced Skill Cultivation Flying Skill Upgrade Flying Skill Special Skill Enlightenments Dao Focus Special Skill The Intrepid Path The Conqueror Path Backpack Expansion Backpack Expansion II Team Raid - Darkfall The Special Skill Way - Beginner Way of the Special Skills: Intermediate Level Special Skills - Advanced No worries during the busy Chinese New Year holiday season Start the Guidance Path. Follow to the end. Path of Trial: Intrepid Find Follower Heritage Rites Ceremony Celestial Soldier: Bamboo Shoots Backpack Expansion Begin the Way of the Guide Follow to the end. Mid-autumn Festival - Spar with the Spirit Beast Protect the Book Upgrade Guild Felling Site Immortal Annex Trial of Knowledge Trivia Guidance Handmade Equipment Lore: Statue of the Black Warden Road to Greatness