Cultivation: Five Lords' Encouragement Revelation - Carnival Days Points - The More, the Merrier! Anniversary Celebration: Happy Birthday Ascension: Reach Tier Five Demonslayer Roll Them Eggs Upgrade Guild House Double Seven Festival - Lighting the Lanterns Upgrade Guild House Protect the Book An Even More Enticing Bait Upgrade Guild House Ascension: Probationary Demonslayer Stage 3 Eggy Duo Upgrade Guild Felling Site Journeyman Alliance: Dispelling Confusion Journeyman Alliance: Brother Two Journeyman Alliance: Zither Music Journeyman Alliance: Repeated Questions Journeyman Alliance: Prodigy Journeyman Alliance: Someone in the Courtyard Journeyman Alliance: Questioning Journeyman Alliance: Initial Meetings Journeyman Alliance: Heritage Rites Maple Ridge Summoning: Petition Maple Ridge Summoning: Debate Maple Ridge Summoning: Clever Answers Maple Ridge Summoning: Foraging Maple Ridge Summoning: Breakthrough Maple Ridge Summoning: Practice Maple Ridge Summoning: In the Door Contender's Peak Summoning: Petition Contender's Peak Summoning: Debate Contender's Peak Summoning: Clever Answers Contender's Peak Summoning: Foraging Contender's Peak Summoning: Breakthrough Contender's Peak Summoning: Practice Contender's Peak Summoning: In the Door Starward Meridian Summoning: Petition Starward Meridian Summoning: Debate Starward Meridian Summoning: Clever Answers Starward Meridian Summoning: Foraging Starward Meridian Summoning: Breakthrough Starward Meridian Summoning: Practice Starward Meridian Summoning: In the Door Academy Summoning: Petition Academy Summoning: In the Door Academy Summoning: Clever Answer Academy Summoning: Foraging Academy Summoning: Breakthrough Academy Summoning: Practice Academy Summoning: In the Door Valley of Spirits Summoning: Petition Valley of Spirits Summoning: Debate Valley of Spirits Summoning: Clever Answers Valley of Spirits Summoning: Foraging Valley of Spirits Summoning: Breakthrough Valley of Spirits Summoning: Practice Valley of Spirits Summoning: In the Door Shattered Light Summoning: Petition Shattered Light Summoning: Debate Shattered Light Summoning: Clever Answers Shattered Light Summoning: Foraging Shattered Light Summoning: Breakthrough Shattered Light Summoning: Practice Shattered Light Summoning: In the Door Stormheim Summoning: Petition Stormheim Summoning: Debate Stormheim Summoning: Clever Answers Stormheim Summoning: Foraging Stormheim Summoning: Breakthrough Stormheim Summoning: Practice Stormheim Summoning: In the Door Maple Ridge Summoning: Escort Contender's Peak Summoning: Escort Starward Meridian Summoning: Escort Academy Summoning: Escort Valley of Spirits Summoning: Escort Shattered Light Summoning: Escort Stormheim Summoning: Escort Maple Ridge Summoning: Reporting Back Contender's Peak Summoning: Reporting Back Starward Meridian Summoning: Report Back Academy Summoning: Reporting Back Valley of Spirits Summoning: Reporting Back Shattered Light Summoning: Reporting Back Stormheim Summoning: Reporting Back Change Classes: Vanguard Change Classes: Blademaster Change Classes: Swordmage Change Classes: Gunslinger Change Classes: Spirit Shaper Change Classes: Occultist Change Classes: Assassin Testing New Scroll Upgrade Guild House Driver’s License Exam Driver’s License Exam Driver’s License Exam Driver’s License Exam Driver’s License Exam Upgrade Guild Structure Workshop Testing New Scroll Upgrade Guild House Upgrade Guild House I want to buy an island! Upgrade Guild House Daily Cultivation Upgrade Guild House Starshatter Toil: Zero The Dream of Flight Upgrade Guild House Upgrade Guild House Point of Completion - Bored To Death A Mother's Love Tired Little People, Big Monsters The Volopine Merchant Ticra Trouble Brewing Big Plans Best of Friends Self-Fulfilling Prophecy The Elder Keeper Hither Comes A Guest Truth and Lies Through the Net A Missing Prince Drinking in the Trees Moongazer's Troubled Heart Moongazer - An Unfulfilled Wish 7 Moongazer - An Unfulfilled Wish 8 Choose to accompany Moongazer's drinking Choose to persuade Moongazer to go back. A Youth's Sorrow A Long Road The Pact Ceremony Forever Angry Shadows and Dust Chance Encounters The Elvish Maiden Poor As A Temple Mouse Mysterious Crystals Haughty Airs Messy Memory Who's Dream Is It Anyway? A Lifetime's Wish As You Wish The Nightmare Arrives