Once in a Lifetime Gone with the Wind Held Accountable News from Abroad: Talks About Triana News from Overseas: Over a Few Drinks News from Overseas: Coincidental Encounter News from Overseas: Proof of Theft News from Overseas: Don't Believe Everything You Hear Sulan Tavern Enraged Unforeseen Event Switcheroo Outside Assistance Distillery Theft Distillery Clerk The Bottom of Things Wine Bait Drunken Fox Surfaces Able Drinker All in Moderation Calling All Friends The Sojourner: Good Company A Friend on the Move Lily of the Forest The Face of Romance Gone with the Water Lonely Petals Romance Remembered Secret Lovers Troubled Couple A Proposal Daddy's Little Girl Take My Name Malpractice: Hyphaeans of Amanita Malpractice: Self Prescription Malpractice: Frenzy Malpractice: Oops Malpractice: Prescription for Recovery Token of Apology Unlucky Streak Getting to the Bottom of This Trouble with the Crucible Master Cremini The Truth Revealed Head to Head Invisibility Potion The Winning Way Winner and Still the Champ Impending Danger: Roadside Rage Impending Danger: Assault Victim Impending Danger: Lost Survey Impending Danger: Leshy Samples Impending Danger: Return to Camp Pacification Campaign: Probing the Spider Nest Pacification Campaign: Spiderslaying Pacification Campaign: Wiltwood Territory Pacification Campaign: Leshyslaying Pacification Campaign: Report Delivery Gala in Sulan The Definitive Collectibles A King's Ransom Horn of the Black Whale Mysterious Visitor Perennial VIP Precious Exchange Polite Refusal Find Another Way Mission Completed Unexpected Trouble Special Origin Threat to the City Undercover Investigation Proceed with Caution Truth Behind the Scenes Exotic Wares Hand in the Cookie Jar Time to Bail Crab Nuisance Cape Whalesong First Sign of Trouble Ideals Apart Bitter Split Seafood Vendor Proposition Facilitated Compassion and Compromise Mutual Understanding Two Birds, One Stone Easy Breezy Sweet and Juicy Coconuts Make Good Friendships Sweet Rum The Origin Lost Hyphaean: Leshy Bandits Lost Hyphaean: Urigi Needs Help Lost Hyphaean: The Truculent Leshy Lost Hyphaean: Hyphaean's Escort Lost Hyphaean: Home at Last Pretty as a Postcard Shadows of Doubt Peace After A Nightmare Rampant Leshy Mutated Leshy Cause and Effect An Impossible Choice No Stone Unturned Search for the Visitor Disappearing Act Mystery Goodie de jour Mystery Goodie de jour Mystery Goodie de jour Lampyrian Ambrosia: Truth be Told Accept no Substitutes Looking for Clues Sulan Commerce Center Strange Monk Scale of the Monstrous Fish Lost Hyphaean: Lost Companion Banish Demons - Drive Away Bugs Orb Weaver Eggs Deadly Nightshade Ferrous Crystals Orange Quartz Plated Shells Scuttler Meat Hyphaean Spores Wiltwood Silk Jade Prowler's Scale Aniline of the Soul Clampjaw Tears Glacier Yak Immaculate Pelts Soul Branch Demon Wolf Claw Heart of Stumplet Black Market - Nut Parts Elemental Stones Wolf Bow Wolf Greatvoice Help Wanted One More Time Left Alone Ursid Fever Curative Honey Message for the Elder Ursid Remuneration Left Alone Ursid Fever Curative Honey Message for the Elder