Seafood Noodles Scroll 30-day Random Value Pack Special Armor Identity Oil Illusive Band Small Stall Certificate 5 Grandmaster’s Focus, Scroll Three Fort - Mark of Might Building Materials Undying Love 60-day Random Value Pack Tailoring Expert's Tome Fort - Wardens' Mark Building Material Coarse Hemp Pack 90-day Random Value Pack Battle Reward - 2-Star Fort - Heroism Mark Building Material True Voyager's Hood (Test) Sky Voyager Shoes Intermediate Immovable Mountain Scroll I - Aptitude Intermediate Vanguard's Blessing Scroll II - Blessing Ordinary Cotton Pack 180-day Random Value Pack Bastion - Greatness Mark Building Material Void Gloves Spirit of Rock Sage's Brew Scroll Fine Silk Pack Spirit of the Gods’ Blessing Bastion - Heroism Mark Building Material Elegant Silk Pack Spirit of Haste Grandmaster’s Focus, Scroll Four Backpack Expander Tortoiseshell Extract Wooden Compass Pacifying Brew Scroll Charcoal (Old) Large Backpack Expander Spirit Shell Extract Battle Reward - 3-Star Intermediate Immovable Mountain Scroll I - Tao Turtle Meat (Old) Intermediate Fearless Scroll I - Punishment Glue (Old) Ornate Cotton Pack Rolling Spirit Fine Coarse Hemp Pack Pine Resin (Old) Holy Echelon Bracers German Face Paint Grave Wort Identification Scroll Fine Ordinary Cotton Pack Brass (Old) Basic Iron Resolve Scroll I - Aptitude Grandmaster’s Focus, Scroll Four Protection PVP Mark II Protection PVP Mark III Protection PVP Mark IV Protection PVP Mark V Protection PVP Mark VI Protection PVP Mark VII Protection PVP Mark VIII Protection PVP Mark IX Protection PVP Mark X Fine Silk Pack Spirit of Thick Skin Mahogany Board (Old) Printing Master's Tome Lotus Flame Lucky Alchemy Pot Reflection Spirit Battle Reward - The Unslain Intermediate Skypiercer Scroll I - Killer Brocade (Old) Intermediate Merciless Strike Scroll II - Tao Intermediate Fearless Scroll II - Punishment Bronze Flame Antwood Identification Scroll Fir Tree Identification Scroll Blademaster - All Server Third Place - Second Generation Light Crossbow (Old) Berserk PVP Mark I Berserk PVP Mark II Berserk PVP Mark III Berserk PVP Mark IV Berserk PVP Mark V Berserk PVP Mark VI Berserk PVP Mark VII Berserk PVP Mark VIII Berserk PVP Mark IX Berserk PVP Mark X Aquavit - Fresh Potable (Old) Carved Embroidered Box Creation Flame Bamboo Hook (Old) Myrmidon Bracers Element of Piercing Focus Battle Lord’s Starburst Grandmaster’s Focus, Scroll Five Rittmeister Men's Pack Tier Bead Origins 4th Server Arena 3rd Place Pinewood Board - Old Eustite Ore Identification Scroll Rainbow Stone Ore Scroll Iron Weft Helmet Spacetime Jade Type I De-oxidizer Sacred Cherry - Old Carved Embroidered Box Grandmaster’s Focus, Scroll Five Mark Contract I 4th Server Arena Top 10 Sea Deity Leather Helmet (Old) Daytime White Butterfly Wings Evasive Roll Mark Contract III Boulder Bracers (Old) Nether Dragon Wings Bloodstained Armor Divine Removal Sigils Coarse Brew Type 3 Tool Potential Modification Secret Silver Argent Phlogiston Red Phlogiston Particle Accelerator X4 Osmium Hem Bracers Tepid Brew Rose Flower Wings Mark Contract VI Mollifying Brew Sublime Twin Blades Damaged Red Phlogiston Astral Greatvoice Gilded Bracers Mordant Twin Blades Lucky Needle and Thread Deathmatch Bracers Battleflame Moonbeam Windbone Wild Wind Pale Star Luxury Outfit Night Rose Wind Runner Snow Queen Visionary