Recyclable Alchemy Materials Bamboo Flute Summon Rune Starfall Blessing III Bamboo Flute Bamboo Flute Purse full of dust Wood Embroidered bag Copper Mirror Thousand-leaf Violet Gunslinger Research Resources Chest Tree Branch Nausea Medicine Bowl of Water Advanced Wine Token Normal Wine Token Copper Mirror Recruiting Token Peach Syrup Spade Colleague Wine Sobering Soup Sea Worm Ornery Crab Pheromones Crab Gold Bar Pacifying Pill Ten-Year Aged Mead Jade Grass Essence Vase Fragrant Essence Bottle Redolent Fragrance Magic Gift - Deep Sentiment Mark Contract IV Mark Contract V Mushroom (Old) Intermediate Juggernaut's Sweep Scroll I - Aptitude Contract Breaker Talisman I Intermediate Merciless Strike Scroll I - Tao Intermediate Vanguard's Blessing Scroll I - Punishment Contract Breaker Talisman II Tower of Pain Necklace Mahogany (Old) Basic Turret Components Fallen Leaf Torch Conch Rain of Stars Strange Scales Lost Coconut Wine Empty Water Jug Template River Crab Tree Sap Bluebell Combination Materials Heavenly Fragrant Resin Guardian's Herbal Pack Broken Doll Resigned Townsman's Keepsake Stubborn Townsman’s Keepsake Moonshade Fragment Duck Egg Medicinal Ointment Tattered Script Sunset Flower Anima Blossom Animal Trap Growing Pains Sucker Stone Greedy Townsman's Keepsake Stubborn Townsman’s Keepsake Special Turret Components Sacred Axe Scroll Ursid Hatchet Scroll Sulan Inkwell Scroll Guild Utensil Component 80 Scroll Type 1 Tool Luck Modification Scroll Type 2 Tool Luck Modification Scroll Type 3 Tool Luck Modification Scroll Stencil Tools Type 2 Tool Potential Modification Scroll Type 3 Tool Potential Modification Scroll Type I Tool Level Skip Modification Scroll Type II Tool Level Skip Modification Scroll Type III Tool Level Skip Modification Scroll Tablet Fragment Morning Dew Lollipop Instrument Fragment of the Spirit of the Stones Sickle Illusive Necklace Beef Shoulder Cave Book Collection Teleport Stone Sweetdew Tree Short Ginkgo Cask Small Portion of Fodder Medium Portion of Fodder Large Portion of Fodder Battle Raiment Barrack Herbs Fresh Ocean Fish Unidentified Spice Unidentified Teapot Tea Hero's Water Intermediate Demolisher Components Tea Hero's Leaves Lively Spring Water Mist Maple Leaf Mysterious Spices Raven Captivating Spices Starworm Dust Heavenly Fragrant Resin Accessories Windwalker Gloves Heaven's Mend Helmet Empty Water Jug Full Water Jug Raw Egg Hot Springs Egg Special Dried Meat Redfang Wolf Soul Elemental Stones N/A Beauty’s Awakening Grass Ugly Grass Loose Cargo Steak Special Dried Meat Flying Fish Roll Loose Cargo Loose Cargo Imperial Reward - The Unslain Divine Demolisher Components Discarded Dance Shoe Discarded Dance Clothes Discarded Handkerchief Red Dance Shoes Prize Boar Meat Zanis Korr Red Robe Snuffler Meat Beef Shoulder