Broken Flame Styx Boat Ticket Wind Rider Band Everwinter Antler Veil Everwinter Spectacles Faery Wings - Pure Music Running Hamster Bait Pack - Red Worm Black Swallow (Leg) Red Spider Lily Wind Rhythm Band Elementary Fearless Scroll I - Aptitude Pure Vanguard Model Black Swallow (Foot) Heart of the Woods Refined Greaves Flight Greaves Poltergeist Greaves Masterpiece Greaves Bait Pack - Redflame Mushroom Crystal Jellyfish Violet Charm Refined Warhelm Refined Leather Pants Flight Leather Pants Poltergeist Leather Pants Masterpiece Leather Pants Neutral Wood Essence Initial Heart Spellblade 12 Egret Feathers Stately Elegance (Hand) Enigma (Chest) Strong (Small) Osmium Hem Warhelm Poltergeist Helmet Strong (Medium) Strong (Large) Spellblade made by Akuta Intermediate Iron Cyclone Scroll II - Arrest Refined Pants Flight Pants Poltergeist Pants Masterpiece Pants Ruby Necklace Flight Leather Helm Poltergeist Leather Helm Green Vine Necklace Raging Ape Spellblade Gold Luster Medium Secondary Weapon Billets Battle Lord’s Band Splendid Necklace Ultimate Twilight Spellblade Astute (Small) Enigma (Hand) Expert Windwave Scroll I - Tao Maplefall Necklace Twilight Spellblade Premium Thundrous Philter Blossom Necklace Ultimate Nova Spellblade Nation Reward - 2-Star Elementary Shaper’s Succor Scroll I - Aptitude Undying Necklace Elementary Shaper’s Succor Scroll I - Spirit Pacifying Brew Novitiate's Turban Void Rage Necklace Ragefire Ring Wind Rider Necklace Ultimate Proudlight Spellblade Sweets Enigma (Leg) Wind Rhythm Necklace Azure Deity Spellblade Expert Immovable Mountain Scroll I - Killer Fallenmoon Spellblade Bamboo Old Rare Wanderer Potion Stainless Band Dark Falling Star Ripple Crystal Mine Daylily Spikemoss Lovelorn Grass A Bottle of Honey A Bottle of Honey A Bottle of Honey A Bottle of Honey A Bottle of Honey Pear Spirits Teaflower Chicken Osmanthus Drink Lotus Soup Gold True Fallenmoon Spellblade Dusk Flower Bottle of Holy Water Bottle of Holy Water Bottle of Holy Water Fresh Mushrooms Ink Caps Garden Shears Trowel Watering Can Fertilizer Barrel Wineglass Fruit Plate Sandalwood Fallen Flower Adventurer’s Scroll Expert Shadowbreaker Scroll I - Tao Firewalker’s Hood Elementary Fearless Scroll I - Blessing Wishing Stone Battle Dance (Chest) Novitiate's Shield An ancient secret Shining Spellblade Participation Reward - Top 3 Rumbling Thunder Spellblade Vanguard - All Server Runner Up - Third Generation Flamescar Spellblade Battle Dance (Hand) War Fiend Spellblade True Silver Warhelm Old Ruthless Rune Luminous Moon Spellblade Old Accurate Attack Rune Illumination Spellblade Refined War Boots Flight War Boots Poltergeist War Boots Masterpiece War Boots Quenching Rune - Old Protection PVP Mark I Old Demonslaying Rune Battle Dance (Leg) Cold Steel Leather Hood Shining Spellblade Lucky Volop Panel Desk Refined Leather Boots Flight Leather Boots Poltergeist Leather Boots Masterpiece Leather Boots Rumbling Thunder Spellblade Flamescar Spellblade True Firewalker’s Hood (Test) True Firewalker’s Hood (Test)