Fine Small Hoe All-Server Arena Competition Season Reward Intermediate Focused Fire Scroll I - Flame Reel of Death ★★ Reunion Intermediate Gate of Atrophy Scroll I - Light Basic Vanguard's Blessing Scroll I - Blessing Autumn Leaf (Hand) Mionide Twin Blades Bindings of Pain ★★★ Spirit Shaper - All Server Third Place - Third Generation Level 35 Crafting Practice Scroll Puppets Glow Conch Maiden’s Clothing Ruby Coral Benthic Stone Water Spirit's Power Conch Flute Scenic Chronicles Clue Reward Nautical Orb Blood Coral Mother Whale's Seal Conch Flute Reed Reed Whistle Fish Meat Wolf Fang Antler Flight Essence Cage Key Fine Wrench Leaves Branch Bandage Hundred-year Wine Dragon World Map Rubbing Shiny Rubbing Puppet Fragment Volopine Tree Leaves Benthic Energy Crystal Conch Flute Nautical Orb Smoked Ribbonfish Huge Ruby Coral Sulan Teleport Token Fragrant Seeds Fragrant Venison Tattered Ancient Scroll Leaf Roll A pot of Fine Wine Tortoise Shell Red Flame Ancestral Dragon Order Imperial Front Guard Chief Token Envoy's Residual Bloodstain Heavy Purse White Celestial Weapon Demonslaying Rune King's Celestial Weapon Fortress Firewater Oblivion Blade Sacred Blade and Sheath Obsidian Mirror Zither of the Ancients Burning Plains Torch Oblivion Blade Hallowblade Army's Equipment Swordshear Crimson Leaf Sword Dropped Amulet Dragoon Token Shinji's Bloodstained Clothing Piece Tiger Rune Oracle Essence Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo True Voyager's Sleeves (Test) Ruby Band Novitiate's Blade Red Dragon Soul Gift Pack Lucky Doll Jade Leaf Fan Novice Fishhook Pumpkini Gift Eye of Hell Mail Exclusive Large Gift Happy Bear Green Vine Band Night Rose Headband Black-rimmed Glasses Flight Battle Armor Intermediate Vanguard's Blessing Scroll I - Blessing Fine Needle and Thread Refined Bracers Flight Bracers Poltergeist Bracers Masterpiece Bracers Tranquil Float Beta Novice Cod Liver Oil I Flight Gloves Crude Repair Pack Common Repair Pack Excellent Repair Pack Top Quality Repair Pack Crude Accessory Repair Pack Common Accessory Repair Pack Excellent Accessory Repair Pack Top Quality Accessory Repair Pack Gender Change Card Oracle Brush Thunder Run Hat Fine Spatula Fairytale Hat Thunder Run (Hand) Star Saint Accessory Refined Gloves Flight Gloves Poltergeist Gloves Masterpiece Gloves Autumn Leaf Accessory Lycorine Rosette Thunder Run Hat Fish of Abundance - Gunslinger Fine Teacup Refined Sleeves Flight Sleeves Poltergeist Sleeves Masterpiece Sleeves Fish of Abundance - Single Maplefall Band Basic Fearless Scroll I - Punishment Rainbow Silk Bed Elegant Sakura Hairpiece Beehive Pure Layered - Small Female Exorcist - Medium Male Ordinary Carving Knife Animus Crystal V (Bound) Shiny - Slim Male Animus Crystal VI (Bound) Roving - Big Male Thunder Run (Foot) Animus Crystal VII (Bound) Darksteel Helmet #12 Hairstyle - Small Female #40 Hairstyle - Small Female #44 Hairstyle - Small Female