Northern Scar Northern Scar Ancient Key Ancient Key Mana Essence Mana Essence Tales of the Obscure: 1 Tales of the Obscure: 2 Apple Magic Candy Blueberry Magic Candy Grape Magic Candy Orange Magic Candy Pledge Strip Pledge Strip Reply Reply Page Fragment of the Upper Scroll Page Fragment of the Upper Scroll Page Fragment of the Middle Scroll Page Fragment of the Middle Scroll Page Fragment of the Lower Scroll Page Fragment of the Lower Scroll Alchemist’s Record Alchemist’s Record Unison XP Pill - Level 1 Unison XP Pill - Level 2 Sword Essence Flame Shards Scorpion Venom Sword Essence Resplendent Necklace Powerful Hand Grenade Great Poultry Feast Root Curse Group Root Curse Continue Root Curse Scarlet Wings Record Accolade: Revelation Home Accolade - I Love My Home All-Server Arena Competition Season Reward Mariner's Fortune Gunnagal’s Sash Flame Lord’s Heart Excellent Repair Pack Scroll Aschwin Felt’s Osmanthus Cake Family Records A Gold Hairpin Sandalwood Gleaming Ring Dream Crystal Hardy Polar Reel - Control Beast King Crown Falmari Bloodtear Dream Ring Fire Aurora Frontier Skill Blossom Earrings Perfect Sashimi Razorback Pole - Range Razorback Pole - Control Razorback Pole Moonfall Emblem Ring Stately Elegance (Leg) Ruby Ring Green Vine Ring Blademaster - All Server Runner Up - Third-Generation Splendid Ring Special Imperial Commander Mount Maplefall Ring Package Empty Bottle Blossom Ring Corydalis Clot Grass Slippery Arrow Ursid Protest Letter Leshy Branch Undying Ring Fish Meat Wingar's Reply Medicine Void Rage Ring Basket of Food Empty Basket Old Letter Four Treasures Wendell Thahan's Letter Wind Rider Ring Used Sensory Beads Sword Pendant Calming Medicine Lovelorn Grass Wind Rhythm Ring Essence Crystal Intermediate Leaping Porpoise Scroll I - Soul Lightning Crystal Ore Green Vine Ring Sandwiched Box Kye Leafbore's Talisman Villager's Body Contract Trafficker Directory Returned Body Contract Splendid Ring Old Volume Swordmage Elder Clothing Maplefall Ring Divine Sword Demon Spider Blood Sample Testing Device Oyster Pearl Elemental Rhythm Orb (Earth) Blossom Ring Elemental Rhythm Orb (Wind) Glass of Wine Undying Ring Torch Millennium Spirit Wood Broken Pot Spout Broken Pot Cap Broken Pot Body Detection record Skirt Steak Recipe Steak Skirt Steak Key Locked Treasure Chest Intermediate Essence of Spring Scroll I - Killer Apple Vinegar Recipe Apple Apple Vinegar Apple Juice Black Celestial Weapon Wind Rhythm Ring Observation Record - Top Cotton Pack Scroll Fine Silk Pack Scroll Brocade Pack Scroll Divine Power Leaching Agent Obsidian Battle Lord’s Ring Cup of Light Wine Water Bottle Cotton Pack Scroll Fine Silk Pack Scroll Brocade Pack Scroll Green Augite Silverstone Redfire Ore Dragonfly Repair Secret Tract Dragon Wings Improvement Spell