Fire Void Frontier Skill Dark Moon of Flame Frontier Skill Refined Hexer's Jewel Numinous Globe of Flight Poltergeist's Rancor Kiddie Soft Bed (World Test) Punisher Blossom Fire Thunderstorm Frontier Skill Exploration:- Moon Mirror Fire Angel fire Frontier Skill Fire Running Deer Frontier Skill Fire Eagle’s Wings Frontier Skill Long Chair (Test) Soloist (Chest) Fire Moonflowerkill Fairytale Fire Diseased Frontier Skill Contract: Two-bedroom home Advanced Iron Cyclone Scroll II - Arrest Starlight Necklace Fire Ferrous Frontier Skill Fire Arcane Frontier Skill Fire Spectral Night Frontier Skill Boar Meat Fire Death Frontier Skill Moonbeam Fire Aurora Frontier Skill Fire Light Ray Frontier Skill Fire Deadly Frontier Skill Fire Fatal Blow Frontier Skill Refined Shadow Chain Incubus Flail Poltergeist Shadow Chain Masterpiece Whip Novitiate's Necklace Kiddie Soft Bed (Model Test) Fire Fracture Frontier Skill Yellow Pear Consort's Couch (Model Test) Crackshot - Armored Guard III Basic Mana Armor Scroll I - Inferno Celebration Outfit Conclave Necklace Lucky Rabbit Song-carrying Conch Inventor's Muse Vanguard's Avatar General Prototype - Spirited Advanced Chain Wraiths Scroll I - Aptitude Filigreed Marshal Conclave Necklace Masquerade Mask Conclave Necklace Vitality Ink Angel’s Fine Necklace Obsidian Pants Spirit Shaper's Avatar General Prototype I Angel's Inventor Necklace White Night Expert Lacerating Strike Scroll II - Arrest Pickaxe - Level Skip Pick - Level Skip Miner’s Hat - Level Skip Immortal Turtle Shell Stele Forest Template - Shard Combination Sickle - Level Skip Small Hoe - Level Skip Gardening Shovel - Level Skip Record of the Awakened Hatchet - Level Skip Saw - Level Skip Chainsaw - Level Skip Bamboo Leaves Spoon - Level Skip Test Tube - Level Skip Beaker - Level Skip Comb Alchemy Pot - Level Skip Stirring Rod - Level Skip Crucible - Level Skip Wheat Crosscut Saw - Level Skip Carving Knife - Level Skip Wood Plane - Level Skip Water Wrench - Level Skip Screwdriver - Level Skip Ink Line - Level Skip Pot of Lakewater Essence of Spring Glasses Chisel - Level Skip Masonry Hammer - Level Skip Engraving Knife - Level Skip Pledge Card Basic Mana Armor Scroll I - Steel Blacksmith’s Hammer - Level Skip Anvil - Level Skip Tongs - Level Skip Silversmith’s Hammer - Level Skip Molds - Level Skip Hand File - Level Skip Driving Hammer - Level Skip Whetstone - Level Skip Serrated Knife - Level Skip Needle and Thread - Level Skip Shears - Level Skip Ruler - Level Skip Needle and Thread - Level Skip Scissors - Level Skip Tape Measure - Level Skip Peach Resin Intermediate Lambent Bolt Scroll I - Prohibition Wok - Level Skip Cleaver - Level Skip Spatula - Level Skip Grain Scoop - Level Skip Oak Barrel - Level Skip Sieve - Level Skip Long Hair - Small Female Frostclear Gloves Teacup - Level Skip Clay Teapot - Level Skip Tea Stove - Level Skip Layered - Small Female Antidote Materials Curls - Medium Female Pigtails - Medium Female Worldly Fate Pants Rose Blossom - Medium Female Beehive Beautiful Jade Rabbit Tea Hero's Cup Small Grand Bulwark Coins Accolade - Superstar Accolade - Popularity Upstart Accolade: Beauty Accolade: Hall Essence of Spring Shoes Royal Breeches Star Saint (Chest) Protector’s Blade Frost Star Apparel Demolisher Raiment Jade Leaf Bracelet Merganin Shell Tide Lurker's Turtle Shell Urgon’s Mace Fragment Cleared Passport Gentle Rain Dream Necklace Cute Bunny