Stamina Surge Elixir Fitting room Main Door to the room Masterpiece Leather Boots Wing Attendant’s Contract Mount Attendant’s Contract Bathroom Rack Cypress Bed Pickaxe Pick Miner's Hat August Wooden Mannequin Sickle Small Hoe Gardening Shovel Imposing Wooden Mannequin Hatchet Saw Charming Wooden Mannequin Beautiful Wooden Mannequin Spoon Test Tube Beaker Wooden Mannequin of Purity Basic Cold Shackles Scroll II - Execution Stirring Rod Crucible Basic Cold Shackles Scroll I - Aptitude Crosscut Saw Carving Knife Wood Plane Tidewater Bed Wrench Screwdriver Ink Line Basic Cunning Step Scroll I - Aptitude Basic Cunning Step Scroll I - Prohibition Masonry Hammer Engraving Knife Beautiful Vanguard Model Blacksmith's Hammer Iron Anvil Tongs Basic Frigid Aura Scroll I - Aptitude Silversmith's Hammer Molds Hand File Beautiful Occultist Model Pure Occultist Model Whetstone Serrated Knife Charming Occultist Model Needle and Thread Shears Imposing Swordmage Model Dashing Swordmage Model Needle and Thread Scissors Tape Measure Beautiful Swordmage Model Pure Swordmage Model Cleaver Spatula Dashing Gunslinger Model Grain Scoop Oak Barrel Beautiful Gunslinger Model Chainsaw Charming Gunslinger Model Teacup Teapot Tea Stove Imposing Blademaster Model Dashing Blademaster Model Beautiful Blademaster Model Imposing Spirit Shaper Model Dashing Spirit Shaper Model Imposing Spirit Shaper Model Phoenix Mark Gift x99 Fort - Seal of Five Lords Alchemy Pot Bastion - Seal of Five Lords Pink Gauze Curtain Bastion - Seal of White Tiger Dashing Caninoid Gray Carpet Unstable Trap Deep Green Chisel Unruly River Crab Firework Morph Scroll Masterpiece Necklace Mentorship Gold Brick - Small Female Bonfire Dry Firewood Basic Merciless Strike Scroll II - Killer Driving Hammer Cow Hat Assembled Robodog Little Angel Intermediate Windwave Scroll I - Aptitude Allure Ruby Lace Carpet Ruler Fir Tree Small Cabinet Delicate Inlaid Box Light Bamboo Brush Jade Horns Fir Flooring Fir Wall Lime Wall Redwood Roofing Rainbow Silk Bed Vintage Peace Table Fine Tea Table Refined Hexer's Jewel Foxwood Table Jibi Backpack Aquamarine Fans Poltergeist's Rancor Consort's Tub Masterpiece Mordant Tidewater Bed Wooden Couch Elegant Wooden Couch Brighton Chair Aristocrat's Fan Basic Shadowbreaker Scroll II - Killer Fine Repair Components Wok Cypress Blossom Window Screen Type 1 Tool Lucky Modification Type 1 Tool Potential Modification Type 1 Tool Level Skip Modifier Basic Shadowbreaker Scroll II - Tao Type 2 Tool Lucky Modification Type 2 Tool Potential Modification Type 2 Tool Level Skip Modifier Master War Medal Award Token Master Army Coins Award Token Small Amount of Supplies Type 3 Tool Lucky Modification Auros Cavalier Warrant Type 3 Tool Level Skip Modifier Dragoon Warrant Battle Dance Hat Third Grade Iron Cart Second Grade Iron Cart