Ultimate Mistwave Band (Test) Common Strength Philter Heartbreak Band Divine Strength Philter Dark Wind Band Flaming Skybreaker Ring Penetrating Bullet Magazine Blasting Magazine Stun Powder Ruby Band Green Vine Band Splendid Band Prohibition Dynamite Blossom Band Undying Band Void Rage Band Wind Rider Band Wind Rhythm Band Penetrating Bullet Magazine Penetrating Bullet Magazine Penetrating Bullet Magazine Penetrating Bullet Magazine Penetrating Bullet Magazine Divine Brutality Philter Common Thunderous Philter Penetrating Bullet Magazine Solar Dew Star Jelly Spring Grass Solar Dew Star Jelly Spring Grass Premium Zealot's Philter Divine Zealot's Philter Common Rage Philter Secret Tract of the Obscure Level 1 Demon Scroll - Sulan Level 1 Search Scroll - Sulan Bright Band Cold Steel Band Grass Band Blossom Band Premium Hawkeye Philter Divine Hawkeye Philter Common Precision Philter Level 4 Mystery Treasure Scroll - Lampyr Level 4 Demon Scroll - Lampyr Creek Level 4 Search Scroll - Lampyr Sublime Band Mordant Band Iron Soul Band Common Brawler's Philter Premium Brawler's Philter Divine Brawler's Philter Common Juggernaut Philter Level 7 Mystery Treasure Scroll - Snowpine Level 7 Demon Scroll - Snowpine Level 7 Search Scroll - Snowpine Righteous Spirit Band Restorative Philter Level 10 Mystery Treasure Scroll - Karstad Level 10 Demon Scroll - Karstad Level 10 Search Scroll - Karstad Blossom Band Flaming Nirvana Ring Flaming Nirvana Band (Test) Neutral Fire Essence Aggressive Fire Elemental Weak Red Flame Elemental Neutral Red Fire Essence Nirvana Band - Spirit Defense Earrings Mystery Earrings Alkaline Fluid Essence Neutral Fluid Essence Aggressive Water Elemental Weak Jade Surge Elemental Neutral Jade Essence Angel's Inventor Earring Initial Heart Earrings Young Heart Earrings Beastblood Earrings Alkaline Metal Essence Royal Sunchaser Earrings Acidic Metal Essence Weak Swift Shadow Essence Neutral Spectral Essence Shabby Royal Light Earrings Alkaline Metal Essence (Test) Neutral Metal Essence [Test] Alkaline Earth Essence Neutral Earth Essence Aggressive Earth Elemental Weak Solid Rock Essence Neutral Lapis Essence Stardrop Earrings Turquoise Earrings Thorn Earrings Alkaline Wood Essence Flying Leaves Earrings Aggressive Wood Elemental Weak Spirit Elemental Neutral Spirit Essence Cloudchaser Earrings Resplendent Earrings Turquoise Earrings Thorn Earrings Raven Gall Earrings Flying Leaves Earrings Stingroot Earrings Earth Spirit Earrings Black Earth Earrings Cloudchaser Earrings Resplendent Earrings Battle Lord’s Earrings Ragefire Earrings Stainless Earrings Luminous Bait Search Map Lost Scroll Skystrike Earrings Coral Earrings Cold Steel Earrings Coral Earrings Black Earth Earrings Tower of Pain Earrings Tower of Pain Earrings Sulan Special Skill Book Velvet Lea Pledge - Lantern Festival Sulan Refinement Item Enchanted Earrings Redgate Earrings Moonwater Earrings Firefang Earrings Duskcloud Secret Treasure Astral Secret Treasure Sulan Cultivation Tome Righteous Spirit Earrings Jade Point - Martial Attire Water Clue Auspicious Faery Drops Bewitching Earrings Joyous Earrings Chastity Earrings Serenity Earrings Relief Earrings Stingroot Earrings Stingroot Earrings Sparkling Fang Earrings Tortoise Serum